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  • use a planner make year great

    Finding The Motivation You Need

    It’s time for another motivational Monday. I know it’s been a good minute, but I wasn’t feeling very motivated and was in desperate need for some motivation myself. Some say motivation (inspiration)…

  • Family Disney Pixar’s Coco Miguel

    Family Secrets & Disney’s New Movie “Coco”

    A popular video floating around YouTube is Ancestry DNA result videos. People from various backgrounds send their saliva samples for analyzation and find out, sometimes shocking results, of what their DNA…

  • Making time for me time

    The Importance of Making Time for ME Time

    Ever found yourself caught up and busy? So busy that you forget to, or find that you don’t have time for the things that you enjoy doing. Your hobbies. Well that’s…

  • Mother's Day for single moms

    Making Mother’s Day for Single Moms Special

    With Mother’s Day fast approaching, how are you planning on spending your special day? Being surprised with a special gift or dinner wouldn’t be too shabby. I know our kids also…

  • Born in China save pandas

    Help Save Pandas this Weekend with Disney

    I’m sure you’ve heard about Earth Day happening tomorrow, but do you know what exactly we’re observing? April 22 actually marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement…