The Modern Mom Demystified & Kelly Rowland’s Exciting News

Kelly Rowland Modern mom

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, as one does, I saw that Kelly Rowland started a YouTube channel for the modern mom. What you may not know about me is that I LOVE YouTube. Not just for tutorials and information. But for entertainment. Not those sometimes gross, sometimes funny, viral videos. But vlogs, house tours, tag-videos, haul videos, “clean-with-me” videos (sounds weird, but oddly entertaining, lol), and of course make-up and hair tutorials. It’s pretty much replaced TV for me. So when I saw that Kelly Rowland had a channel I immediately had to subscribe.

In the promo video she reveals that she’ll be talking to and talking about the new modern mom. She goes on to say that she’ll be bringing her friends on board to talk about “stuff”. The stuff that people really don’t want to talk about, but she’s ready and willing to talk about it. Rowland explains that she felt alone when she first became a mom and wants this platform to bridge that gap. She wants moms to feel included and up to speed on topics ranging from food, music, work, and fashion.


This isn’t Rowland’s first venture tackling issues surrounding new moms as she recently also released the book Whoa, Baby!: A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out (And Wonder What the #*@& Just Happened). That title tho?! LOL. Sometimes you just have to keep it all the way real. Cause the truth is for many it is just as much an overwhelming life change, as it is a joyous one.

Kelly Rowland book new modern mom

I wanted to briefly touch on the topic of the modern mom. This is the audience that Rowland’s YouTube channel will focus on. What exactly is it and do you consider yourself to be one? My initial thought would be a working mom. Whether that’s a 9-5 or a mompreneur. I think the “traditional” mom was a homemaker and didn’t bring in an income. (I was intentional not to say didn’t work, because as we know, raising kids, cooking and cleaning is WORK, lol).

Another definition I found courtesy of Google, is part of a presentation on LinkedIn titled “Understanding the Modern Mom” and states:

“[modern] women with children highly value social media, mobile and other digital technologies as a convenient means to stay connected, seek advice and information, shop and learn about products, meet others like themselves, and simplify the many dimensions of their lives.”

The same presentation states that 15.3% of moms maintain their own blog. And that’s a 2009 statistic. Can only imagine that figure has at least doubled since. (Don’t quote me though, lol). So maybe that’s what a modern mom is. Either way, I personally consider myself one of them, and I will be keeping you posted on what Ms. Kelly has to say and share.

Stay blessed!

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