Using a Planner to Make the Rest of 2017 Great

use a planner make year great

July is certainly in full swing, and with that, the second half of 2017 is well under way. I’m not sure what your plans and goals were for this year, but basically, I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late. Trust and believe me when I say I know a thing or five about planning, but also about procrastination. That’s clearly got to change if I’m ever going to accomplish anything. I think I just love the idea of planning. I’ve got journals galore, notebooks galore, and ideas galore. I actually watch videos on YouTube about Erin Condren planners (which seem to be the popular planner of choice among influencers), I have and LOVE our very own Christine’s co-created Whose Shoes Transformational Planner, plus about 2 more.


I EVEN started getting into watching videos of “bullet journaling” (see pic below).

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Decorating & Looking

But all this “journaling” (I’m more a watcher than a doer, lol) is all in the name of making things look pretty. (Like the week-spread in the pic below). If my income and budget were popping, I’m pretty sure I’d have no problem “investing” in a Filofax journal. This brand was my first love in journaling. I actually have one from 2005 or thereabouts and could easily just buy new inserts. But you know…why not be fancy and buy the newest design, lol.

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Using & Utilizing

All that to say that spending $200 on a planner and planner accessories won’t do you a lick of good unless you’re UTILIZING it. Nicole Walters, Income Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Founder of The Monetized Life and the $1K1Day online course (which I enrolled in cycle 1 back in 2015) who’s disposable income is definitely higher than mine, recommended a planner from the Dollar Store to get going. (Like the one in the title image.) In fact, if I’m not mistaken, that’s exactly the planner she used her first year in business, proving the fact that it’s not the planner that makes the difference, it’s USING a planner that makes a difference. Now, if you’ve mastered the art of using one, then the kind you use can certainly make your life easier and more inspirational. So by all means, buy what you like and what helps, as long as use it.

Last Half the Best Half

Hopefully, somewhere in that rant, you were able to take away that a planner is a useful tool when it comes to getting things done. And so to today’s message, get a planner out and start jotting down what the rest of 2017 will entail. I believe that with purposeful planning and ACTION, this second half of the year can be your BEST half. No sense in dwelling on the half that’s come and gone. It’s gone! If the first half was amazing, then stay on track. The second half can be just as amazing. But if you’re like me, and kind of dragged your feet after the hype of January ended, don’t lose hope. Be encouraged and believe in yourself.

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Perhaps adapt and follow a school-year calendar. This way, your year is just about to start in August and will carry through to June next year. This is if the notion of a “new year” motivates you into action. A lot of businesses operate on a fiscal year that isn’t Jan-Dec. Microsoft’s fiscal year, for instance, is July 1-June 30. Apple’s ends in September. So do what suits and works for you. It’s NOT too late! Make the rest of 2017 great!

Stay Blessed!

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