The Importance of Making Time for ME Time

Making time for me time

Ever found yourself caught up and busy? So busy that you forget to, or find that you don’t have time for the things that you enjoy doing. Your hobbies. Well that’s been me lately. I find that I get so easily distracted and caught with life basically that I simply blink and a whole week’s gone by. I used to spend the little “me time” I squeezed in here and there catching up on social media. But even that became less and less.

A library visit brought on by one of my sons two weeks ago led me to randomly pick a book that caught my eye. The book was Terry McMillan’s latest novel “I almost forgot about you”. I can’t even tell you when the last time a read a book from cover to cover was. But I knew that I enjoy McMillan’s style of writing as I own a few of them.

terry mcmillan almost forgot about you read book me time

Being a library book (that needs to be returned) helped push me to actually finish the book, which very likely otherwise could’ve taken me a month to read. Not because I’m a slow reader or the book was boring. But because finding the time to read was a miracle in the making, lol. Forget peaceful reading, because that would be after 10 pm, and by then I’d probably only get through 5 pages before I start nodding off. I found time (or made time rather) when things were peaceful enough. I made due.

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Nonetheless, it was a goal of mine to finish the book. I actually enjoy reading, and before kids, I did quite a bit of it. Finishing the book was in some ways a personal conquest to reclaim my sense of self. The sole purpose was to have me-time and to prove to myself that I, a mother of 4, actually can finish a book. And I must say it felt good. So good that I pick up another book, lol.

As mothers, there is a lot yearning for our attention. There’s a laundry list of things on our to-do lists, and way too often, anything self-related is at the very bottom of that list. Even something as simple as watching TV. There have been many times when I’ve just wanted to watch trash-TV for the heck of it. But I have to measure my desire to watch TV against other things I want to do, and finishing that book was one of those things. I know this isn’t the first time Moms N Charge has touched on the importance of self-care, but somehow we forget. Again and again. There’s a Zig Ziglar quote that says:

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

I believe that applies to being reminded of the importance of self-care. It doesn’t hurt to be reminded because before you know it, family obligations have taken over you yet again.

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Worth pointing out is that you’re not alone. And secondly, it’s ok to let the dishes pile up once in a while. Really and truly. And lastly, it doesn’t make you any less of a mother by being a little selfish every once in a while. This Moms N Charge Instagram post says it best:

So don’t worry about it – go on and enjoy your much-deserved me time.

Stay blessed!

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