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Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell recently shared on her Instagram a snippet of her “Day in the Life” segment featured on MadameNoire.com. It shows how while making breakfast, she’s also giving her oldest daughter Krista vocal singing lessons/tips. I love seeing celebrities taking on and embracing their role as a mom. It’s often very different and far removed from the stage or scene life that they are known for. It’s kind of like behind the scenes footage. And truth be told, I love anything behind the scenes, or #bts as social media puts it.

Moms on the Move

This Day-in-the-Life episode is a part of MadameNoir’s “Moms on the Move” series which the site describes as “a weekly profile of a mom mover and shaker. Women we admire, who inspire us and who have amazing stories to share, oh and they happen to have kids, too!” Along with Erica Campbell’s footage, there’s also segments featuring singers Melanie Fiona, Christina Millian, and actress Kyla Pratt, whom you might remember as Eddie Murphy’s daughter in the Dr. Doolittle movies, to name a few. Women that truly are movers and shakers in their respective careers while also raising beautiful kids.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve dreamt of being a celebrity a couple of times. Of course, that was solely based on the glitz and glamor aspect most commonly shared on TV. Seeing Erica Campbell juggling the roles as a singer, a radio host, AND a mother definitely puts things into perspective. First of all, when on earth does she sleep?! Like seriously?? Lol. She’s at her first job by 3 AM, back home to wake up her kids at 7:30, and a full day from there on. One thing that she says though is that she LOVES what she does, craziness and all. And that’s key whether you have kids or not. LOVE what you do.


I believe that when you love what it is you do, the sacrifices, including lack of sleep, are worthwhile to live out your dreams. An interesting conversation I had with a friend the other day though is to actually figure out what it is you love. I’m a queen of loving something today, but not having the passion for pulling me through to stick it out for the long haul. It also goes to show that there’s rarely (dare I say never) such a thing as an overnight success. And if a stroke of luck gave you your 15 minutes of fame, only WORK will you keep there.

Find Your Passion

So my challenge for you today is to find your passion. If you don’t already know it that is. No one is saying quit your job to pursue your dream, but there is absolutely more to life than going to work and paying bills. Someone I recently started following who exemplifies pursuing a passion while also rocking out a career is Rani Craft Robinson. She also happens to be Christine’s sister-in-love as I like to call it. Check out her Instagram for inspiration of a mother doing her thang.

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Keep the dream alive ladies!

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