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Hey there FLY Mom! My name is Christine St.Vil, and I’m known as the FLY Mom™ Coach of Moms ‘N Charge®. I help moms across the country learn how to feel good without feeling guilty. I teach them that by living a healthier lifestyle, taking time out from themselves and by pursuing their goals and dreams, they will look and feel better, reduce the stress in their lives and create some extreme motivation.

I started in 2012 because I wanted to empower moms to go after their goals and dreams, without sacrificing them to motherhood.

I’m a FLY mom of three and a wife to one hot guy of 11 years. Being a FLY mom is all about learning how to First Love Yourself. But before I was a Mom ‘N Charge, I was just…a mom trying to make it. I wasn’t in charge of my life. I wasn’t in charge of my marriage. I wasn’t in charge of my kids. And I wasn’t in charge of myself or my health. I was a frustrated mom. I was an overwhelmed mom and a mom who became a victim of identity theft. The culprit? Motherhood.

Motherhood managed to steal my identity and replace my image with that of a complete stranger. When I looked in the mirror, I had no idea who was staring back at me. The person in the mirror didn’t care about the thirty plus extra pounds she was carrying around. She was content with not putting any effort into her appearance, and she had become that mean mom and wife always yelling at her kids and husband. She had allowed postpartum depression to take charge of every aspect of her life, instead of taking charge of the postpartum depression.It took faith, prayer, courage and a strong desire for change to come out from what felt like a dark cave.

Today, I am living my dreams and want to help other moms to live theirs too.  When you stick around this side of the blogosphere, our hope is that you will improve your relationships, create a healthier lifestyle, and determine the factors that are keeping you stuck. will help you squash overwhelm and take charge of your happiness, your kids, your husband, and–most importantly, YOU. How would it feel to take charge of yourself & your life so you can stop feeling guilty and start feeling good? What mom wouldn’t want to know how to do that?!

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I’ve been frazzled, overwhelmed and confused. But I figured out how to design real-time for myself, create a healthier lifestyle, and pursue the dreams and goals that I never even knew were waiting to be brought to life. And I want to help you to do the same. It is time to release those feelings of GUILT, FEAR, FRUSTRATION, ISOLATION and CONFUSION.

So if you are you ready to gain clarity and fulfillment, uplevel your career or get started on that dream business, then I invite you to start here. And if you read something that resonates with you, please don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with someone you know needs it as well.

As this blog has grown over the last eight years, so has the content and those who contribute to it.

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