Every kid deserves to attend a concert without fear

Ariana Grande concert manchester
Ariana Grande

Snapchat fun during Ariana’s Album release

As news broke out about the bombing in Manchester after Ariana Grande’s concert I was so saddened and, let’s be honest, pissed off that someone can be so cruel to target KIDS who just wanted to have a good time watching their favorite singer perform. My thoughts brought me back to my first concert at the age of 10.

The Concert of a Lifetime

The day was July 18, 1992. The parent who agreed to take me was my dad. And the concert was of none other than MJ himself. Yup. Talk about setting the bar high as far as first concerts go, lol. It was his Dangerous Tour in Stockholm and I knew and sang along every song as I simultaneously fought to hold back tears because I didn’t want my dad to think I was weird, lol. I don’t even know why I wanted to cry. It was all just surreal I guess. And the atmosphere of fellow enthusiastic fans. Needless to say, I didn’t have a front row seat, as I would probably have been squooshed to death. But our seats were just fine.


Me and my elementary school BFF, Leyla, both managed to convince our respective dads to take us. We’d hoped to sit next to each other, but as concert ticket sales go, you’re lucky to even get tickets period. I low-key think my dad wanted to see Michael Jackson himself which is why he didn’t mind taking me. He sure didn’t let me attend the 3 New Kids on the Block concerts that were held in Stockholm during their boy band reign. Probably because my slightly older cousins would be my only chaperones as he wouldn’t dream of being subjected to Jordan Knight’s dreamy voice or Joey McIntyre’s dreamy blue eyes for 2 hours, lol. Oh gosh, the memories.



This is what makes Monday’s events so sad for me. Young girls (and boys) should have happy positive memories of their first concert experience. Not nightmares!! My heart and prayers go out to those affected by this in any way.



ariana grande manchester

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