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Motivational Monday

Inside Pixar Studios: Exclusive Look at Where the Magic Happens #Incredibles2Event

I’m back with one of my favorite parts of visiting Pixar a couple of weeks ago. If you missed it, I was there for the Incredibles 2 Event! Not only did we get to tour Pixar Studios (also known as the Steve Jobs Building), we also toured the Archives, and created our own Superhero. I had no idea that Pixar does not usually do tours, so this was indeed a very special treat. It was so special to see first-hand…

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Pixar Fest at Disneyland Resort: April 13-Sept 3, 2018 #PixarFest #Incredibles2Event

I just learned about Pixar Fest while in San Francisco for the Incredibles 2 Event. Have you heard about it yet? It’s the biggest theme park celebration and it starts today! The overall theme of Pixar Fest is friendship so you will see those stories throughout the parks and entertainment. I love that in true Disney fashion, they are bringing everything to life in an authentic, and true way. The biggest compliment they received to date is people asking if these…

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Disney Cruise Line Preps for Marvel Day at Sea + Black Panther Now at Disneyland #DisneySMMC

It’s another edition of #WaltDisneyWednesday! And I am super excited about this post. I wanted to attend Disney Cruise’s Marvel Day at Sea from the moment I first heard about it. Superheros and a Disney Cruise at the same time?! Yes, PLEASE! When we attending Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, we got to hear all about this spectacular adventure returning to the Disney Magic in 2019. And obviously, joining the superhero family this time around is Black Panther! Disney Cruise Line Preps…

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The Walt Disney Family Museum and Surprise Visit to Lucasfilm #waltagram #Incredibles2Event

Visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum last week was an item I got to cross off of my “Disney list” of things I must do. While in San Francisco for the Incredibles 2 Event, Marshall made it happen for us. And 24 of 25 of us were first-timers so it was that much more special. I’ll be sharing more about the event and Incredibles 2 coming out June 15th over the coming weeks. Since we were in the vicinity of…

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Avengers: Infinity War’s Gift to You

Avengers: Infinity War

  You may or may not have heard, but Black Panther is officially the highest grossing superhero movie, ever! Which just goes to show how much we can’t get enough of T’Challa. Well good news, he’ll be back on the big screen April 27th in Avengers: Infinity War.     For a peek at what you can expect from the movie, check out the trailer below. This star-studded cast will not disappoint. 10 years in the making, bringing you the entire Marvel world,…

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New Series ‘The Crossing’: Details and Interview with Executive Producers #TheCrossing #ABCTVEvent

A new drama is coming to ABC TV tonight and it’s called ‘The Crossing’. While in LA for The Last Jedi Event, I got to screen the premiere episode. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, so I went in with an open mind. I came out with questions and counting down the premiere of this 11-episode series. And the time has finally come. The series premiere of “The Crossing” airs today, MONDAY, APRIL 2nd at 10 pm EST, on The ABC…

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Getting Ready for an Incredible Time in San Francisco 4/3-4/5 #Incredibles2Event

Yay! This time next week I’ll be in sunny (*fingers crossed) San Francisco for this special Incredibles 2 Event! I’ll be joining a group of 25 bloggers hosted by Disney and Pixar for what will surely be an incredible time (pun intended). We got to hang out with Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible while at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration last month. Can you tell I was just as excited as the kids?! Take a look below at just some of…

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6 Things You MUST Do at Disney’s Animal Kingdom With or Without Kids #DisneySMMC

It’s #WaltDisneyWednesday and today is all about Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park! It’s almost a tie next to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. These are my two favorite parks at Walt Disney World. Thanks to our experience during Disney Social Media Moms Celebration last month, we got to experience it in style. There are so many people even now that still think Disney is for kids. Some people believe they are too old to go to Disney World, especially if they don’t have kids.…

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Roseanne RETURNS! 5 Highlights From Interviewing the Cast of Roseanne #ABCTVEvent

Remember that time back in December when I was in LA for the Last Jedi Event? Well, up until a few weeks ago, we had to keep it a top secret that we also got to visit the set of Roseanne! Yes, THE Roseanne set! It was amazing and surreal. Roseanne returns (for a limited time) to ABC tonight. Roseanne Returns to ABC ABC’s “Roseanne” stars Ames McNamara as Mark, Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner, Laurie Metcalf as Jackie Harris, Emma Kenney…

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4 Wrinkle in Time Lessons My Kids Learned #WrinkleInTime #BeAWarrior

I finally got to take my kids to see Wrinkle in Time last week before heading out of town. I remember when Director, Ava DuVernay first announced the casting of Storm Reid. And when Twitter started going crazy with the announcements of the Mrs. So I was excited to finally see it while at Disney for the Disney Dreamers Academy. But I left the day before it was out in theaters. My kids couldn’t wait for me to get home so we…

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3 Challenges Working Moms in Higher Education Face & How Virginia College is Solving Them

I am happy to partner with Virginia College for this sponsored post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Recently, I shared in a post some tips for moms who want to go back to school. You can check out 10 Things Moms Should Consider When Going Back to School here. When I was still working in corporate, I went back to school and started my Master’s Degree. My job at the time reimbursed us and I didn’t have any kids, so it was…

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3 Local Dreamers Share Their Biggest Takeaways & Tips to Inspire Other Teens #ddaDisney #Be100

One of my favorite things about the Disney Dreamers Academy is being able to find and chat with local dreamers. Local Dreamers from DC, MD, and VA definitely represented well in 2018. I also chatted with two alumni from the local area who I will share more on a little later. You can check out my previous post on how parents can awaken their own dreams, here. Check out these three local DMV Dreamers below! Meet Maria Gakgeng (Lanham, MD)…

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