Adventures of Livy and Bri Launched on YouTube thanks to Social Media on the Sand #BeachesMoms

adventures of livy and bri

A few weeks back I shared just a few lessons learned at this year’s Social Media on the Sand. There were so many takeaways, and I will continue to share more here on the blog.

During the course of the conference, we had the opportunity to attend various sessions. One of the sessions I attended was “Collaboration Not Competition with Today’s Top YouTubers!” I went in really because my daughter, Olivia had been asking me for a YouTube channel for a long time.

But with our hectic schedules, I just couldn’t see past the “work” of getting it up and running. And the funny thing is that I wouldn’t be the one creating any of the content for the channel. Partly because I’m too busy. But mostly because I don’t even know how to edit video. 😆

Adventures of Livy and Bri YouTube Channel

And so Adventures of Livy and Bri was born. The girls will be sharing their lives through video content. We may create a separate channel for Brielle’s gymnastics adventures. But right now, you may just see everything on their channel.

We kicked it off with a trip to Target because as I mention in this previous post, they are Gabby Girl Bosses. We have been using Gabby Bows since 2015 when I met Gabby and her mom, Rozalynn on Periscope.

However, with Gabby living in South Carolina, we just hadn’t been able to get the girls to meet in real life. That is, until a week ago. The girls got to meet and interview Gabby while here in the DC area for an event. And we got it all on video.

By the way: did I mention that Olivia does all of the editing for their videos? She even found different apps to use for their thumbnails. I’m so impressed with her!

Just start with what you have

I have heard this more than once before. But when I sat in with these brilliant folks, it resonated even more with me. See, my daughter was clear that she could start her channel. She was just waiting on me. Since I wasn’t sure how to start or what she needed, I had been putting it off. But sitting in and hearing how all of these YouTube stars just started with what they had, made me want to just get it done.

Nothing is ever super easy. It takes consistency and hard work. And sometimes you just have to figure things out as you go. That’s what I got from this session.

What I also got from this session was the importance of community. Working with others who are on the same or similar level as you is a great way to drive traffic and grow your audience. And you can definitely have fun while doing it. So if you’re not already tuned into their channels, you can do so now:

youtube tips learned from social media on the sand

You are never too “big” to show kindness

During the Q&A portion, is when I asked my question about really starting from scratch and growing your channel. I knew my girls would literally be starting from zero. April was kind enough to not only encourage me but also ask what my channel was so everyone could subscribe. Of course, at the time, the girls didn’t have their channel yet. Then after the session, she proceeded to do a quick interview with me and allowed me to share my name and handle.

I’ve met so many influencers that won’t give anyone who’s not on their level the time of day (let alone a shoutout on their Instagram stories or channel). So the fact that she was so easily willing to do that, really warmed my heart. She gained an instant fan because that is definitely the type of person I am.

I am a firm believer that truly successful people remain kind to others. They also are not afraid to reach back and help someone else out. Thanks April!

Meeting April Athena 7 from Youtube

I had no clue what I was going to learn from this session. But I am grateful that Beaches provided this opportunity. This was another win from attending Social Media on the Sand. My girls are so excited creating their videos every week!

So be sure to support them by following and subscribing to their channel here.

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