Interview with Jim Dear and Elliott the Dog Catcher from Lady and the Tramp #DisneyPlus

I’m back with another exclusive interview! Today we get the inside scoop with Thomas Mann (“Jim Dear”) and Adrian Martinez (“Elliot the Dog Catcher”). I don’t know about you, but I am counting down to next week’s premiere of Disney Plus! That means we will finally get to watch Lady and The Tramp.

All week, I’ve been sharing exclusive interviews and behind the scenes from my set visit last year. Yup, I was part of an intimate group of bloggers who were invited down to Savannah, Georgia. We spent a couple of days touring the set for Lady and the Tramp and chatting it up with the stars of the film. You can catch up on those posts here, here and here.

Two more people we got to sit down with here Adrian Martinez and Thomas Mann. Below are some of the highlights from both interviews.

adrian martinez - dog catch lady and the tramp

Adrian Mann AKA “Elliott the Dog Catcher” interview highlights

This was definitely a fun interview because he has a really funny person. We only had a few minutes to sit down with him, but here are a few quick highlights from our chat:

  • He loves dogs so working with 6 main ones (3 Lady and 3 Tramp) was a treat & a challenge
  • This was his first time working with animals
  • While he has done a lot of improv in other roles, he didn’t need to do much because with this one because the script was so well written
  • He has a sweet pug named Milo who he’s used to chasing after
  • He posed an idea for Elliot to be a “cat lover”. We’ll have to wait and watch to see if Disney signed off on that 😉
  • When asked about his response to playing the role for this film, “I mean, it’s Disney!” Excited is an understatement
  • When asked about his co-stars, he gave praise to everyone in the film and added how fun they have on and off set

adrian martinez #ladyandthetramp

Thomas Mann’s insight on his role as Jim Dear

  • Thomas shared that he didn’t think the audition had gone too well because it was so frantic
  • He had been wanting to work with Kiersey for a long time, so it all worked out!
  • This is also Thomas’ first time working with Disney so he shared his excitement to be a part of this legacy
  • He’s excited because in the animated film, we don’t really get to know who Darling and Jim Dear really are. So this version gives us more background on their characters
  • He shared how they got to work with the dogs and the trainers so they would get familiar with them, and respond to them when they came on set
  • When asked about the most challenging part of filming for him, he really couldn’t come up with anything. He shared that it is such a lighthearted, easy-going cast and crew.
  • If you’re wondering whether or not this new take on the film will live up to the original version: Thomas assured us that it will/does (just take a peek at the trailer below).

jim dear lady and the tramp

Official Trailer for Lady and the Tramp

Get ready to watch on Disney+ November 12th

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lady and the tramp

This trip to Savannah, GA to cover the #DisneyPlus launch of #LadyAndTheTramp was sponsored by Disney. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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