Honoring Father’s Day for What it Should Be

Greg DeslandesGreg Deslandes:

What I love most about fatherhood  is the blessing of seeing the joy I bring to the special little lady in my life, I enjoy the precious moments of her smiles, her tears when she falls down but most importantly, teaching her that it’s ok to get right back up again and start all over. I love each day I get to teach her about God and life. And then there is that feeling when I am so thankful, knowing I am amazingly blessed  to love this precious gift God gave to my wife and I……our beautiful daughter Taylor Deslandes.

I have faced a few challenges after becoming a father, I no longer have the freedom of just getting up and doing what I want or going wherever.  I have had to give up a lot just to make time for my child, I also have taken on new career goals to improve my status and standards of living just for my child.

The biggest challenge however, is learning to be patient but wise in the efforts put forward between my wife and I in raising our daughter, we sometimes as parents differ in how we approach raising our child but we always try to do our best to meet half way.

The message to my child is “Open your heart and love God and in all you way acknowledge him and he will direct your path”.

Being a dad is not just for a moment but a lifetime of work, where no matter how old your child is she/he will forever be thankful for that love that they can rely on.

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