Honoring Father’s Day for What it Should Be

Antwaune RodgersAntwaune Rodgers:

For me, being a dad has been a blessing. I have two children, ages 6 and 15. The best part of being a dad has been watching them grow, the smiles on their faces, and being able to be there for them. The responsibility of being a dad can sometimes be challenging. From my experience finance can be a struggle, but I think time management is the ultimate sacrifice.

To Alexus And Jamel: Daddy loves you so much, and wouldn’t trade being daddy for you two for anything. Your happiness is my happiness.

Being a dad is a great responsibility, and can be stressful at times. It takes a lot of work, but has its rewards through the joy and happiness you see in your children. There’s a lot more to being a dad than money spent. Like we always say, time is money. So, spend as much time with them as you can, for life is short. That’s money well spent.

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