The Interesting Thing I Learned from DJ Khaled on Parenting

DJ Khaled parenting Asahd

Here at Moms N Charge we love and appreciate the awesome fathers out there and for a brief moment, I just want to share a lesson from none other than DJ Khaled. That’s correct, Mr. Khaled himself. If you haven’t seen him with his son all over social media, you’ve missed seeing a man in total awe of his only son. I know there are countless fathers out there like Khaled, but seeing this love story unfold is just too cute.

Speak Life

The lesson I want to share from the video above is speaking LIFE into our children. Too often parents speak without really thinking towards their children. And because kids are so impressionable and absorb certain info like sponges, what we say can truly build or destroy their sense of self. Even the bible says that the power of life and death lie in the tongue.

Anything You Want to Be

I know many tell their children “you can be anything you want to be”, but when they come home with a C in math we question, or worse, tell them their options are limited if they don’t perform well and get into a college. Success nowadays is attainable in so many ways. I was watching bits of Forbes “30 under 30” summit, currently going on in Israel, on Snapchat and the number of young innovators is astounding. Our children literally can be anything they want to be.

How Can We Help

DJ Khaled will undoubtedly have a hand in making his son into the mogul he’s declaring he’ll become. And although we might not necessarily have the deep pockets of Khaled, we can still have a hand in making our children great. Let’s start by speaking life and finding out how and where we can help them. They might need a coach or a trainer. They might need a mentor in their industry of interest. Or perhaps they just need to hear and know that you’ve got their back. I will admit that I don’t think I got enough validation as a kid. Not saying I didn’t get any, but because “words of affirmation” is one of my love languages, I could always use a little extra, lol. I share that to say, be what your children need you to be.

Stay Blessed!

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