Honoring Father’s Day for What it Should Be

Ryan Goldman 1Ryan Goldman:

I love the random “I love you’s” the most about fatherhood. Those are the truly sincere moments when its not because you just did something for them or anything like that. Very touching indeed. I think my biggest challenge is balancing a super busy work schedule and time with the family. That can be further expounded into spending quality time with each child, letting them know they are special, but balancing out the attention so that one doesn’t get jealous over the other.

My message to my kids is : “Daddy will always have your back, rain or shine, even if you’re in trouble and I’m mad at you, I will have your back.”

Being a dad is hard work, a full time job. One must never lose sight of the fact that kids are indeed kids, and sometimes its just ok to be a kid and make messes and mistakes. Shielding the anger/frustration after a huge mess/catastrophe can go a long way in encouraging a child’s imagination and creativity.

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