#MondayMotivation: Have You Declared Your Independence as a Mom?

It’s independence day here in the US. And now that I’m older, this day continues to bring on new meaning with each level of my journey in this thing called life.  As I watch the fireworks tonight, I’ll be thinking of all of the moms who have been able to claim their own freedom just by something they read right here on this blog.

So this #MondayMotivation, I ask you if you’ve declared your independence as a mom? Do you have your own identity outside of motherhood? Are you okay with really living life as opposed to just existing in this life? And by that, I mean: have you given yourself permission to pursue your passions, goals, and dreams?

You may never ever know who’s life you were called to touch or to make better/easier. But what would happen if that person you were meant to help, never received it because you decided not to declare your independence as a mom? When you declare your independence, you decide that motherhood is a gift, not a privilege designed to make you feel guilty for wanting and needing more.

I was near tears when I saw I was tagged in a post by someone I’ve never even met before. Even if you think you’re not making a big difference in the world, chances are, you’re making a big difference to someone’s world.

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You deserve to create your own freedom. You deserve to have it all. You deserve to have not only everything you need, but everything you want.

Here are 3 ways to declare your independence as a mom:

Believe in yourself

You matter and what you have to share with this world matters. You may not even know what that is right now, but know that it starts with a simple belief in yourself.

Release the guilt

Feeling guilty and allowing guilt to hold you back are two different things. Release the guilt of wanting more. Release the guilt of wanting an identity outside of motherhood. Push past your guilt and push through your fears.

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Embrace your individuality

Social media will have you feeling some kind of way about your abilities if you’ll let it. Everywhere you look people are posting about what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and why you should do it like them. But don’t worry about what others are doing. Just embrace what is special about you. That’s what freedom looks like.

This July 4th, celebrate the independence of our country and our freedom. But be sure to also write out your own declaration of independence. Claim your freedom as a mom to go out, be great, conquer the world and follow your dreams.




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