How To Stay Ahead of Time

stay ahead of time

The last week of November is upon us, and with Thanksgiving over and done, our attention is drawn Christmas and gearing up for 2017. It’s funny how time passes that much faster as you get older. Which makes it that much more important to utilize our time wisely.

Distant Cousin Procrastination

I’m sure many of us had goals we hoped to achieve in 2016, and you may be beating yourself up over the fact that you didn’t start, much less finish those goals and projects. I know I had a list of things I’d hoped to do, but that second cousin Procrastination be making one too many visits, lol.

Stay Ahead of Time

Mattie of Mattieologie taught me that the only way to get a hold of your time is to stay AHEAD of it. Well how do you do that you ask? By eliminating as much real-time decision making as possible. Everything from meal-prepping to picking out your outfits in advance, to knowing what hairdo you’ll be styling in the morning. If you’re a naturalista, I’m sure you can appreciate the morning hair struggles of type 4C hair. (Hallelujah for protective styles, lol).

Eliminate Real-Time Decisions

Back to my point. Getting out the door in the morning can actually take you 30 minutes, just by making all your decision in advance. Eliminating real-time decision-making can be applied to any area of your life and will have the same effect. To help you keep track of all your pre-made decisions, a planner is an awesome tool. Don’t wait until January to buy it, because like I said, we’re trying to stay ahead of time.

Put YOU on the Calendar

I know my fellow moms out here can attest to having a million things to get done. Well your son’s project isn’t more important than yours. So in 2017, we’re putting YOU back on the calendar. And what better calendar/planner than our very own Mom in Charge’s “Whose Shoes are You Wearing” 2017 Transformational Planner. This Planner will have you killing those goals in 2017! Don’t worry about 2016 and what coulda, woulda, shoulda happened. Focus on 2017 and set yourself up for success. You can do this!


Stay Blessed!

Make sure to order your Transformational Planner TODAY to ensure you get it in time for Christmas + FREEBIES. 

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