Journey to Finding Your Identity in Christ

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Since I was young I’ve battled with a low self-esteem. Nothing that anybody would perhaps notice or point out, but as I’ve gotten older I know it’s definitely affected aspects of my life and how I’ve subsequently handled certain things. At this point in my life, at 35 years old and mother of 4, I figured it was time to put an end to this nonsense once and for all. So after a moment of asking the Lord to show me and help me, the answer I got was to find my identity in Him. So I figured I’d share this self-discovery journey if you will, with you here.

What Does Google Say?

After God told me to find my identity in Him, I did what any millennial or blogger would do, Google “how to find your identity in Christ?” What I ended up finding were a bunch of scriptures detailing how God sees us. And though those are great, it wasn’t what I was looking for. If you were to tell someone who thinks they’re ugly, reading something telling them they’re beautiful won’t necessarily immediately change their mind. (Side note: I don’t think I’m ugly, lol. Just an example). My issues stem(med) from lack of self-worth.

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What Does God Say?

So because Google didn’t help, a light bulb went off and I thought, well if I’m seeking my identity in Christ perhaps I should ask the source Himself, lol. So I did and the first thing He told me is “I’m to die for”. I was like, OMG. Duh! Lol. Kinda obvious, and something I knew, but in the moment SO profound. Like how dear I feel any type of way when God gave His only son to die for ME?!!

To Die For

If Idris Elba, or whoever your celebrity crush is was to grab your face, look deep into your eyes, and say “girl, you know I’d die for you?” I’m pretty sure you’d be close to either passing out, peeing yourself, or play it cool and smile before calling ERRYBODY you know and bursting out “he said he’d die for me!!!!” Lol. Now imagine Jesus telling you the same thing? Cause He did. He didn’t just die for me, He died for you! Now if that doesn’t make you feel a little bit better about yourself I don’t know what will. You are worthy! I am worthy!

That was my lesson number one. A good foundational start if you ask me. Stay with me on this series though cause there’s more to come and learn as I share my journey on finding my identity in Christ.

Stay Blessed!

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