Thankful for Autism

thankful for autism

I’m thankful for Autism, because it makes the best teachers. Autism has been stigmatized by so many, as being something wrong, dis-abled and dis-ordered. I recently watched a video clip circulating on social media of a teacher during a class play grabbing a mic away from a child with Autism, followed by an audience of adults that responded with laughter.  It was so inhumane and disheartening that it reconfirms how critical it is for us (parents, family, friends, society as a whole) to tell and show the world that our autistic children are truly gifted and au-mazing.

We Can Learn

The reality is, we can learn from people living with autism. As an Autism parent and professional, I train parents on using various techniques to work with their children (and others) to shift from feeling disenfranchised, develop better communication and coping skills and skills to acclimate and achieve at higher levels. Here’s my example of one of the techniques we use. Share a letter to an Au-mazing gift in your life, telling them 3 things that you are thankful for.

Dear Zachary (insert the Autistic child you know),

I AM thankful for your


You help me to stop and appreciate the most simplest things in the world. I see you looking out of the car window, deeply staring at the leaves blowing in the trees, or how you would ask me can we go outside and play in the “colored leaves,” or can we just look at the stars, mom. The same leaves and stars that I often forget are even there. You remind me daily to STOP to see the beauty of all that is.


You continue to au-maze me each day with the things that you learn to do. Your accomplishments sometimes can be very slow and gradual or quick and unexpected. way they are accomplishments and has taught me to stop comparing to others, but to compare your progress to what you can do, months, or years later.


You can brighten up a room and others around you with your quirkiness, warm smile and infectious laugh. You share with others your joyful energy of light and love without even trying. Your joy has warmth and compassion for anyone, because you do not judge others. You love no matter what. I am thankful for you and all that you are and will be. You have been such an inspiration in my life. Yes , YOU inspire me everyday

In my recent best seller, Au-mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance, it provides more techniques that will help in your journey towards autism acceptance.

What are some of the lessons you have learned from a child with Autism? What would you thank them for?

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