Motivational Monday: Nothing is a Waste of Time

Like most people, this time of year brings on a lot of reflection. And if you’re like me, it probably also brings about a lot of hustle and bustle, running around here and there. So as my family prepares to celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas season, I had to encourage myself on experiences I’ve had this year. I’ve had a really great year, but of course, there are always things you wish you’d done better, or people you wish you hadn’t wasted time with. But this quote reminded me that nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.

So what have past experiences taught you? Did it open you up to a different way of thinking, or motivate you to change the way you do things? Either way, if you focus on the experience instead of the outcome, you’ll realize that things aren’t always as bad as they may seem.

What experience are you most grateful for this year?


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