6 Things I Want More of in the New Year

Most people focus on all of the things they plan to leave behind in the new year. They usually talk about all of the things that didn’t work or lessons learned that they won’t be repeating once the new year strikes. Like most people, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on the things that transpired over the last year.

While I’ve had some incredible experiences, I’ve also had some moments that I could’ve done without. What I continue to learn year after year is the power of my mindset and the things that I believe for myself. I recently shared the importance not just of affirmations, but of the intention and belief behind the affirmations you say/write down. You can check out my Facebook Live replay here.

6 Things I want more of in the new year, 2019

1. More present.

When I look at my kids, I can’t believe how quickly times flies. They are little humans that will soon go out into the world on their own. I don’t want to have any regrets about the time spent with them. I’m committed to taking the time to nurture each one of their gifts, talents, and passions. I’ve shared what both Olivia and Brielle are up to these days. And I’m sure I’ll share more about Jr soon. My husband and I have spent more time over the last couple of months having real conversations about things that are important to us.

I’ll be saying no to more things so that I can give the most important people in my life the undivided attention they truly deserve.

2. More connected.

Being more present will allow me to be more connected. Not just to my immediate family but to the causes and other things that are important to me. In today’s digital world, and especially with what I do for a living, it can sometimes give the illusion that I’m always connected. I want to spend more time connecting with people outside of social media.

3. More intentional.

It’s one thing to want something, and it’s another to be intentional about actually going after it. My sister and I did a radio show interview yesterday to talk about goals and how to overcome obstacles (you can catch the replay here on The Art of Overcoming with Aiyana Ma’at). During the show, she shared how she set the intention to take 6 trips in 2018. The year prior, she had only taken about 2. By the end of 2018, she had already taken 12 trips throughout the year.

What she realized is that taking the time to unplug, self-care and be intentional, actually helped her to be more productive and profitable. So whatever your desire is, make the choice today to be intentional about making sure it happens.

4. More adventures.

I love traveling and experiencing new things. I especially love it when I get to do it with my family. When we started homeschooling, we always imagined the adventures we would get to take as a family. Last year’s adventures took us to Disney World and on a Disney Cruise, as well as to Beaches Turks and Caicos. And you can bet, we’re making plans for more new adventures this year.

5. More bold moves.

My friend, Ramunda of MahoganyBooks said something to me last year in the midst of vision board planning. And it is speaking to me more loudly this year than before. She said, “God will match your level of boldness.” In other words, you have not, because you ask not. And this year, I want to make more bold moves. I want to do things I haven’t done before. Challenge myself to do things that I didn’t think I was ready for.

6. More time spent with the people I love and adore.

This is self-explanatory. But I know by doing the things I mentioned above, it will easily allow me to do this one important thing. Spend more time with the people I love.

Just some of the things I’m looking forward to in the new year. Happy and Blessed New Year to each and every one of you. I encourage you to make your own list of the things you want MORE of in the new year and beyond.

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