Chatting Self-Care & Teaching Kids Gratitude on The Mother Side #TheMotherSide

If you’ve been following me, then you know that I love the folks over at ABC here in the DC area. I’ve done quite a few segments on Good Morning Washington. And when they had a Good Morning Mommas segment, I was on there a couple of times as well.

They just launched a new show called The Mother Side. Whether you’re an aspiring mother-to-be, a current mom or play the mom role in any way, this is a great series for you. The episodes will air monthly and feature topics covering all areas of #MomLife.


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#TheMotherSide🤰🏾🤱🏾Last week, I got to tape a segment for a new show on @abc7dc called @themothersideabc7! ____ I’ll be on the second episode airing TONIGHT. We talked about self-care and if it’s possible to raise spoiled but grateful kids? Loved the ladies in my panel and our beautiful host @eileen_whelan ____ They have really done a great job with this show and I’m honored to be a part of it. ____ Here’s when you can watch the next episode: (UPDATED) 📺 Wednesday, 12/12 at 8:30P & 11:30P 📺 Thursday, 12/20 at 8:30P & 11:30P 📺 Thursday, 12/27 at 8:30P & 11:30P All episodes will air on WJLA-TV/ABC7 ____ Please support by watching, sharing and letting #TheMotherSideABC know what you think 💜 . . . #momlife #momsncharge #motherhoodthroughig #momsofig #motherhoodtips #flymom #firstloveyourself #gratitude #raisingkids #momofgirls #momofboys #gratefulkids #seasonofgiving

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Catch a couple of the clips below:

Clip 1: What is self-care and how do we manage as busy moms?

We chatted about the importance of securing your oxygen mask before helping others. I also shared how we teach our kids the importance of boundaries.

Spoiled but grateful and respectful

I’ve always believed in raising spoiled but grateful and respectful children with hearts of compassion. And God is so good because I really think we are on the right track!

I recently took my older two to volunteer at the soup kitchen (the youngest was supposed to join but sprained her foot at her gymnastics meet 😨).

They got to help set up tables, chairs, take orders for the guests dining that night, as well as serve desserts to the guests. What it showed them is that you never know who needs a “helping hand.”

You might see people that look just like you but that are struggling in various areas of their lives. And it reiterated the fact that they are truly blessed. They both enjoyed the experience and looking forward to going back.

#TBT from Christmas 2017

My daughter, Olivia had been asking me to take her to Macy’s to spend her gift card that she had gotten on her birthday. We got there, found out there was $35 on her card. Not only did she pick out a gift for herself, but she insisted on picking out something for her brother and sister.

And since she did such a good job with her holiday orders for her business, she was allowed to pick one extra gift and use some of the money she made in her business. She was so excited! We got home, she snuck their gifts in and wrapped them all by herself with our special St.Jude gift wrapping paper.

Clip 2: Teaching kids gratitude

About Our Place Waldorf

If you’re in the Southern Maryland area, consider volunteering your time to this great organization. What I loved is that we served all of the guests that came in. We got to give them a little VIP treatment for even just the little bit of time they’re in there eating dinner.

They are truly “more than a soup kitchen”. There are multiple ways you can help out and they host three dinners a week in two different locations. Click here for more information.

Be sure to follow The Mother Side on Facebook and Instagram.

Tune in TONIGHT to catch the replay of this episode and 12/27 at 8:30 and 11:30pm EST.

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