Introducing Livy Belle: My 8-year-old’s New Business + Inside Her New #TheScienceBehindItBook

There has been a lot going on this side of town! I am so super excited to share that my daughter has not only recently launched her business, Livy Belle but is now also an author. She is joining forces with rockstar kidpreneurs to share “The Science Behind It” as it relates to starting a business and achieving success at any age.

I asked myself a thousand times if I had the capacity to take on “something else.” And yes, while I do have a lot going on myself, there’s no way I could take the chance on not helping my own daughter fulfill her dreams.

So I followed my own advice and looked at what things I could take off of my plate and delegate. I’ve had to turn down events and opportunities. And as you can see, I’ve had to cut down on the content I create for the blog. I also looked at adding time in my schedule solely dedicated to her business and the help that she needs.

It’s definitely not easy, but seeing her so happy and excited makes it all worth it!

Where it all began

I shared this post on social media a few months back.

Livy Belle is Born

Shortly after coming back from the Disney Dreamers Academy, I went ahead and helped Olivia launch her Instagram page. I figured we needed to start somewhere.

Since we know she wants to be a fashion designer, we wanted something that branded her and reflected who she was. While she is starting with these hair and Minnie ear accessories, she plans to add much more down the line. So LivyBelleSews was birthed on Instagram. You can follow her here. She now has a Facebook and Twitter pages in her name.

We decided to do what was easiest. Clearly, baby girl has been paying more attention to mommy than I realized. While I co-manage her page, rarely do I comment on her behalf. She does pretty much all of the commenting, as well as helps me craft the messages on her page.

Hello world! Welcome to my Instagram page (which my Mommy @momsncharge will be helping me with 💜). My name is Olivia and my Dream is to open up my own fashion design boutique and travel the world. I want to make clothes for homeless people too. ———————————————————————— My grandma started teaching me how to sew a couple of years ago. And now, I’m taking sewing classes at my homeschool co-op and with my neighbor, Ms Jennifer (she is awesome). Thanks for checking out my page and my designs. I’ll share my first designs soon! If you want to stay connected, follow me here. 😎🤗🌸 #livybelle #livybellesews #kidsfashion #fahiondesigner #kidpreneur #dreambigprincess

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We are currently only making a limited edition of each fabric. So if you see something you love, be sure to grab it while you can! The plan is to have her website up by the end of this week for easier ordering. But in the meantime, if you’re interested in ordering and seeing what design options are available, you can check out the post below (be sure to hover over the image so you can scroll through to see the fabrics).

Took some time today to get out and enjoy the ☀ before the 🌧 comes 😩 But this will just give me more time to get more bows made. So excited for the orders I received tonight from my email list! ____ Finally taking pre-orders. Hair bows are on sale for $16 which includes shipping. 💞 Swipe ⬅ to see the fabric options. ____ If you’re interested, just go to (for multiple bows just add $10/bow). In the comments of your order, PLEASE indicate the name of the fabric/bow you would like. Thanks in advance! Adding: all pre-orders will ship during the second week of June. . . . . . #livybelle #livybellesews #sewfab #sewcreative #isew #diyfashion #custommade #sewpretty #diystyle #sewingwithstyle #sewingchronicles #fashiondesign #kidpreneur #kidfashion #sewingmachine #sewingswag #sewingforkids #brothersews #custombows #kidswhosew

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The first designs

I had my friends LaToyia and Bernetta model some of her bows, which were all limited edition. They were Star Wars, Moana and Vintage Micky and Minnie themed.

The Science Behind it Book

In this book, Young Moguls share the science behind building an empire and going after their dreams. Who says you have to be an adult to make a major impact on the world? This book will inspire the young and old to dream huge, make moves and create major change.

This book provides what the average school curriculum does not, real-life examples and tips to take any budding entrepreneur or future leader from unsure and confused to confident and ready!

Olivia’s Dream:

The inspiration behind starting her own business comes from her desire to give back to the homeless in the form of clothes. Her ultimate dream is to open up her own fashion design boutique and travel the world making clothes for the homeless.

What’s in the book

  • 23 candid Interviews with Young Moguls who have done the work to build a brand that has disrupted the status quo.
  •  Discover their journeys to creating a lasting legacy
  •  Discover how they are making a difference in their communities and beyond!
  •  Discover how your child can do the same and more!

How to order your copy

We are currently taking pre-orders for this book. You can place your order by clicking here or going directly to to order. This book would make a great gift for anyone who wants to encourage another child to dream BIG!
On behalf of Livy, I thank you in advance for all of your support! Simply sharing her page and book info is a blessing in and of itself.

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  • Vashti
    June 26, 2018 at 11:32 AM

    Christine, you’re such an amazing Mom and your kids are a testament of that. Congrats again to Olivia. I can’t wait to see where Livy Belle will be by this time next year.

    • Christine St.Vil
      July 18, 2018 at 12:05 AM

      Awww Vashti! You’ve got my eyeballs sweating! Thank you so very much for your support and your beautiful words of encouragement. I truly appreciate them.

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