Why Looking to Others is a Great Way to Achieve Success

Achieve Success

The Olympics are well underway and as I’m writing this, the men’s 100m final recently took place. It was certainly a great race, as was the 100m butterfly swimming final where first-time olympian, Joseph Schooling, beat the favourite Michael Phelps.

Growing up with a goal

Not only did Schooling win, but he also set a new Olympic record, AND he won his native Singapore’s first ever gold medal. As you may know, Phelps is the most decorated Olympian with 28 medals total out of which 23 are gold medals. This fact didn’t stop Schooling from growing up with the goal of one day beating Phelps.

Swimming Olympics Schooling Michael Phelps achieve



I posted this picture on my Facebook page and it truly inspired me that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.



We can all aspire & achieve

It’s also worth noting that Schooling’s win doesn’t by any means diminish who Phelps is. He is still THE Michael Phelps. And isn’t that what’s so beautiful about life? We can all aspire and achieve greatness, and it doesn’t take away from the great someone else has achieved.

Look up to others

Whatever your business or blog aspirations are, go after them with full force. It’s ok to look up to others for your inspiration, as a certain proverb says that a wise man learns from the mistakes of others, the fool from his own. So look to those who have gone before you and learn what they did and didn’t do. Tony Robbins says that success leaves clues! So get your Nancy Drew on and figure out those clues.

Heart and dedication

Finally, knowing is only half the battle, unless you’re ready to DO, don’t expect to achieve much. It may look easy on the outside, but it takes heart and dedication to achieve greatness, something I know is within you. You just have to decide that you want it bad enough.

Be blessed!

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