Self-Care is Not Selfish. Self-Care is RADICAL!

If you missed my post last week, I talked about how excited I am about the upcoming Get RADICAL Women’s Conference! Two to three years ago, I was struggling around the idea of self-care. I actually had a misunderstanding of what it meant. I understood that as long as I took care of eeeeeeeeveryone else’s needs, and managed to squeeze in some time for me, then I was managing self-care pretty well (Mia Redrick explains that as after-care NOT self-care)! Take it from my former overwhelmed, frustrated and frazzled self: it doesn’t quite work that way.

On Monday, I did a hangout with conference founder, Doreen Rainey on the importance of self-care and the challenges that women face around it. We shared tips and strategies for overcoming the challenges that exist around self-care (like feeling guilty and how to manage that guilty). Chances are, if you are still struggling with the idea, or feel guilty for even thinking about taking time out for yourself, then you probably haven’t quite learned how to FLY (First Love Yourself).

Self-care is RADICAL especially for those who have a hard time saying no (like I used to). We teach people how to treat us. How have you been teaching others to treat you? Do they respect your time because they see that you respect your own time? Are you constantly the “go-to” person for every and anything because they know you’ll get it done? What RADICAL change are you willing to make in order to get yourself back on your priority list?

Check out the video below as Doreen and I talk about ways to overcome the challenges that so many women face when it comes to putting themselves first. What challenges are you currently facing?

The Get RADICAL Women’s conference is where you have to be on March 21-23, 2014 if you are really serious about making some bold and courageous changes in your life.

As I stated in my hangout with Doreen, I went by myself in 2012 which was a BIG deal for me. But although I went alone, I never once felt like I was alone. I have met and become friends with some amazing women over the last couple of years who have offered support and accountability. The best way to get unstuck, and to get moving towards your goals in order to create amazing results, is to surround yourself by other women who are looking to do the same.

Finding time for myself was exactly what the doctor ordered when I found this conference. It’s now become a non-negotiable for me. Are you willing to stop negotiating with others on your time?

To find out more information about the Get RADICAL Women’s Conference, or to register, be sure to click here.



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