Getting Busy After Baby: A Twitter Party With #AmericasOBGYN

Disclosure: This is a compensated post to promote tonight’s Twitter party that is being sponsored by in celebration of his one year anniversary as #AmericasOBGYN. All opinions are my own.

Hey moms! I am so excited to partner with #AmericasOBGYN Dr. Drai for what will be another awesome Twitter party to celebrate his one year anniversary! If you missed Mommy Talk Show’s party on September 30th, then you definitely don’t want to miss this one. We’ll be chattin’ about getting busy after baby and all things motherhood as it relates to our health & intimacy after childbirth. Let’s face it: our lady parts go through a lot when it comes to birthing babies. And sometimes sex is the last thing on our mind after pushing out these little humans. But it’s obviously a necessary part of life, so Dr. Drai will be sharing some tips and tricks for how to ease back into the game after childbirth.

Being a FLY mom includes paying attention to, and being in tune with your body. So during this Twitter party, Dr. Drai will also be discussing some of the details of his new ebook: “20 Things You May Not Know About The Vagina”. So be sure to grab your FREE copy by going to as some of the answers during the Twitter party can be found here. It’s a quick read packed with great info, and definitely a few things that I surprisingly didn’t know. In addition, we’ll also be discussing facts around women’s health as it relates to National Breast Cancer Awareness month and the #SaveTheTaTas campaign.

20 things Dr Drai OBGYN

Here’s what you need to do to join us:

1) First, you’ll have to sign up for a Twitter account. If you don’t have one you can sign up at

2) Be sure to follow us to get the questions and so you don’t miss Dr. Drai announce the winners (@MomsNCharge, @DrDraiOBGYN).

3) Beginners can follow along during the Twitter party here (TweetChat):

Party Details:

  • Topic: Gettin’ Busy After BabiesHow to get your FLY back as mom and wife
  • Date: Tuesday, October 21st
  • Time: 9PM ET
  • Hashtag: #AmericasOBGYN
  • Co-Hosts@MomsNCharge@DrDraiOBGYN
  • Prizes:  We will be giving away some awesome prizes including a Coach tote bag to one lucky winner

#AmericasOBGYN twitter party

Disclosure: This Twitter party and post is being sponsored by in celebration of his one year anniversary as #AmericasOBGYN. All opinions are my own.

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