5 Tips for Juggling Babies and Business Without Losing Your Sanity

I recently had a full-circle moment when I got to take over the Black And Married With Kids Facebook page. If you’ve been following me here, then you know I got my big push into blogging when I started writing for the site in November of 2012. You can catch my articles by visiting this link.

So for this Facebook takeover, I thought I would share some tips on juggling babies and business without losing your sanity. Cause let’s be real: some of us may look like we’re juggling things, but meanwhile, our sanity is slowly slipping away. We don’t want that for you.

Often, I get the question: How do you do all that you do? Short answer: I don’t do it alone. Juggling the demands of being a wife, homeschool mom, running a business and maintaining a life and friendships is no easy task. But it is definitely doable. And with a little planning and scheduling, it makes things a lot less hectic.

5 Tips to Juggling Babies and Business:

1. Get real with your priorities (and give yourself grace in the process)

2. Manage your goals (Have a way to sync and track them)

3. Take your Super Mom Cape off (Ask for help)

4. Set boundaries (yes, even for your kids)

5. Mix & Match (Multi-tasking made simple)

If you want the meat and potatoes of these tips, then you definitely want to check out the full replay of this livestream.

Watch the replay here:

We all have a purpose we were put on this earth to pursue. So we can’t allow any excuses to get in the way of us going after and pursuing our purpose. It does take sacrifice. It does take hard work. But I truly believe it is all worth it in the end.

Let me know what other tips you would add to this list to help keep your sanity while going after the success you deserve.

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