5 Kitchen Tools Every Busy Mom Needs to Make Healthy Eating Convenient

Tools to make healthy cooking easy

Most of us don’t stand over making multiple, daily healthy meals like our grandmothers did. However, we know that the tantrums, hyperactivity, and meltdowns, are minimized when we provide our family with healthy meals. So, finding a meal prep shortcut is a must.


Today, I’m sharing the five kitchen tools that changed the game for me when it comes to convenient healthy eating. Having even one of these can relieve so much pressure. You’ll have confidence in your ability to provide the food your family needs without turning your schedule upside down.


Pressure Cooker / Crockpot

While there are a lot of different options for this tool. The Instapot is my favorite because it’s so versatile. It can be used as a slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker or pressure cooker. It can cook an entire meal in a few minutes and it’s super easy to clean. So whether your family prefers soups and stews or rice, veggies, and chicken, this one tool has you covered.


Indoor Grill

Indoor, countertop grills are perfect for times when you didn’t plan in advance. Your grill can take burgers or boneless chicken from frozen to fully-cooked in minutes. And the best part is, you set it and forget it much like cooking in the oven.


High Powered Blender

Whether you are blending ingredients for a quick soup, sauce or smoothie, a high powered blender can help. You may choose to make protein and fruit smoothies like we talked about in this blog post, for a quick breakfast. Or, you can blend a really tasty green drink to go with dinner. The green drink with dinner approach is perfect if you have picky eaters who never like the vegetables that come with dinner. I’ve found that letting them use lots of fruit and make the drink themselves eliminates their resistance to drinking their vegetables.


Food Storage Containers

You don’t have to participate in traditional weekly food prep sessions to benefit from food storage containers. I keep a mix of Tupperware dishes and quart and gallon sized plastic food storage bags on hand. These containers make it easy to cook double and store the rest for a repeat meal later in the week. You can also, use them to portion out fruit for smoothies and greens for salads on grocery shopping day. Then during the week, you literally grab and use with little planning or thought.


Salad Chopper

This tool can be used for everyone in the family. One option is to make a chopped fruit salad that the kids will love. My favorite way to use it is to create those restaurant worthy chopped salads at home. Rather than spending a ton of time chopping each ingredient, you throw everything n the bowl together and use the salad chopper. The result is a delicious salad in just a few minutes without the need for a ton of advanced planning or prep.


There you have it. Five tools that make consistently providing healthy meals for the family a lot more feasible than ever before.

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