The 3-Minute Healthy Breakfast the Whole Family Will Love

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It can be challenging to get a healthy breakfast as a busy woman on the go. Add a family to the mix and it feels like mission impossible. We may have intentions of egg white omelets with baby spinach and heirloom tomatoes and buckwheat pancakes. However, the demands of a busy morning often leave us serving Pop Tarts and orange juice to everyone.

You know that the entire family would perform much better if you started the day with a healthy breakfast. But, exactly how do you make that happen without waking up hours before the family and cooking multiple meals to suit everyone’s tastes? Providing a healthy breakfast that everyone loves is more doable than you may realize. All it takes is embracing the one solution that busy moms like you are using most days of the week.

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The 3-minute healthy breakfast that the whole family will love is BREAKFAST SMOOTHIES.

Now before you decide that your family would NEVER go for this, let me explain a little more. You aren’t going to be serving up old school protein shakes that taste like chalk dust. At the same time, you aren’t going to make those smoothies that have the same amount of sugar as a candy bar either. The smoothie that I am suggesting is a quick, tasty, and customizable way to serve up good nutrition on the go.

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Here’s what you need:

Start with a liquid base.

You can use water, low-fat milk, almond or coconut milk, and even chilled green tea. You want to use approximately 8 ounces of water per person. So if you have a family of four, add 32 ounces of liquid to your blender.

Add some protein.

Protein helps you stay full longer. This is the component that will give you sustained energy and focus throughout the day. Skipping this step could leave the entire family feeling the soar then crash effect. This is what happens when you eat a breakfast that is low in protein and high in sweets or starches. You can use a protein powder supplement or low-fat Greek yogurt. Add a full serving of protein powder for everyone over 4 years old and a half serving for anyone younger than four. You have to read the label of your protein supplement to determine how many scoops this would be. For Greek Yogurt, 1 cup is a serving of protein.

Round out your smoothie with frozen fruit.

This is where the customization happens. You can literally use any fruit that you want. Some of the favorites in my house are frozen cherries, frozen mangoes, berry blends, and bananas. If your family is used to having sweet foods at breakfast, I recommend including sweet fruits like cherries or bananas. Add 1-2 servings of fruit per person. After your family is used to having smoothies, try adding a handful of spinach or romaine lettuce leaves to the recipe as a way to sneak more vegetables into their daily meals. Making sure that these smoothies taste amazing, is the trick to getting everyone on board with this new breakfast. So, if you need to add more fruit in the beginning, do it.

To reduce your chances of locking up your blender, be sure to add the ingredients in this order: liquid, protein, frozen fruit. If the blender locks ups, turn it off, shake the container and start again. If it still won’t blend, add a tiny bit more liquid and try again. This breakfast solution is the tool that I use to keep everyone fed, happy, and on time in the morning. Give it a try. It just may be the solution for your family too!

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