6 Summer Activities that the Whole Family will Enjoy

Family Summer activities

Summer is an amazingly fun season, but it can be tricky trying to balance the needs of multiple age groups with each of their opinions of what actually constitutes “summer fun.” Are you wondering how you can spend time as a family this summer and keep everyone happy? Well here are some activities that everyone will enjoy.

1. Go to a park

I know you’ve taken the kids to the park a million and one times, but have you ever turned it into a full-day adventure? Kick this activity up a notch by scouring your local parks & rec listings for one that has activities for multiple ages: a playground, a grassy field, and picnic tables. It will be even better if the park you’ve found is a bit further than you usually trek. Pack a picnic, let the little ones play on the playground, let the big ones play frisbee or basketball, and let the baby (or daddy) snooze on a blanket under a shady tree. I guarantee everyone will go home worn out and happy.

2. Bust out the backyard sprinkler

There’s no age that doesn’t love some good water play. Fill a tub or small pool for the baby to splash in, let the kids jump through the sprinkler, and let the older ones be in charge of filling up water balloons for an all-out aqua-battle in the heat of the day. You’ll probably have half the neighborhood join you to get in on the fun.

3. Take a bike ride

If you’re an active person, you may be missing some of the things you used to be able to do pre-kids. The good news is, you still can do most of them. You just have to adjust your expectations. Take some time before you go to find a trail that’s relatively flat (easier for little legs that don’t have the strength to go uphill) and check in with your family members regularly to assess their exhaustion level. There are also great products to make family rides easier like the Kangaroo Seat for toddlers, bike trailers for multiple children, or co-pilot trailers for older kids that aren’t quite ready to fly solo.

4. Head to the beach

You might not live near the white sandy beaches of Hawaii, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good old-fashioned beach day. Pack a picnic lunch, bring your beach tent, stop by the store for some sunscreen, and head out to the closest ocean, pond, or river. Younger kids will love playing in the sand or splashing in the shallow water. Older kids can make forts with beach logs or make elaborate sand castles and water runs. Mom & dad can enjoy watching the kids work off their energy in the great outdoors.

5. Go to the movies

Sometimes, it rains in the summer, and all your outdoor plans go out the window. The good news is that you can still get out of the house and have some indoor summer fun. There’s something about a trip to the movie theater that is so novel regardless of what’s playing, so I bet you can find a movie that you’ll all enjoy. Check with your local theater, but most places have special prices if you go before noon so you can save some money. And if you’re near a Regal Cinemas, they’re showing family-friendly movies for $1 per person all summer long through the Regal Summer Movie Express Program.

6. Go camping

Camping is fun at any age – I took my first baby in a tent to the state park before he was three months old. But “camping” doesn’t have to look the same for your family. If you want to try camping, then do it. Make sure you pack everything you need. But if you’re not ready to jump in full-tilt, start by renting a rustic cabin at a local RV camping resort. Or, set up the tent in your backyard and make s’mores over your BBQ grill. Then, if things go south during the night you can always head back to your cozy bed. Get creative to let your kids experience the fun of camping this season in whatever way works best for your family.

Make this summer one to remember

It can be tricky to plan summer activities that everyone in the family will enjoy – especially if you’re balancing the needs of babies, toddlers, and older children. But, with a little creativity, flexibility, and adventurous spirit you can make some summer memories that will truly last. And you’ll even have fun doing it. What are some of your family’s favorite summer activities?

This post was written by Jenny Silverstone. Jenny is a mother of two, a blogger, and a lover of summer. When she’s not enjoying her time outdoors with her family, you can find her giving parenting tips, tricks & hacks on the blog Mom Loves Best.  SocialPinterest Facebook Twitter

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    June 20, 2017 at 11:25 PM

    Some of these are actually things I plan on doing this summer, everything except for the camping. I’m not a big fan of camping so I’ll pass on that one. However, these are great ways to enjoy summer.
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