It Takes a Village…To Have a Mommy Break

getting a mommy break

You know the old African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”? I would beckon to say that it also takes a village in order for moms to take a mommy break. That village includes a diverse cast of characters including husbands/partners, housekeepers, sitters/nannies, and even other moms! Let me explain.


Feeling the freedom to take a mommy break starts with them. You need to feel their guiltless support of you taking time for yourself. Be it handling school pick up, Saturday activities or simply cleaning the kitchen after dinner so that you can leave. No matter the task, big or small, it’s always easier to take time for yourself when you know someone’s got your back. More importantly knowing the burden of mommy chores will be alleviated if you do decide to take a moment for yourself.


Moms – don’t you secretly wish a Houskeeper lived with you 24/7. That your house would be kept in pristine condition, never a full laundry basket or random toy on the floor in sight. Would that not be the dream?! Unfortunately, that will continue to be the dream for most of us but that does mean you can’t have a taste of it at least once a month. Maybe you can’t do the deep cleaning from the basement to top floor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hire a service like “handy” to come for 2 – 3 hours to clean up all evidence that you have a potty training toddler. Our homes get in the way of mommy breaks because if they are out of order it creates a mental burden. “I can’t take time for myself until I clean the kitchen. Forgoing the mommy break to clean the house is something all of us are guilty of. It is a guarantee that the pile of laundry will be there. Taking a sanity break when you need one is not always guaranteed.

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Beyond the housework getting in the way, kids are the number 2 barrier to taking time for yourself. Sitters and Nannies can be an expense but sometimes $15 is totally worth stepping away for an hour from your little ones. Don’t let the lack of child care be your excuse for not taking regular time for yourself.


Moms — yes moms are imperative to having a regular Mommy break. They are the best accountability partner. They are the most empathetic and compassionate because they know exactly what you are going through. Of course, all moms are busy but if you have a small group of moms holding you accountable to taking time for yourself, you both benefit.

Don’t wait another minute! Start creating your village today so that you have the support you need to take the much-needed Mommy break you deserve!

mommy breakThis post was written by Nicole Walker. Nicole is a working mom living in the big city with her two beautiful children and husband. She recently added the title “Mommy Blogger” with the launch of her blog The Mommy Break Project. Her mission is to be intentional about putting herself first for an entire year, at least once a week (that’s 52 mommy breaks) so that she can achieve the perpetual state of “happy mommy.” She hopes that her journey inspires moms to do whatever they need to do to be their best mommy! When she is not busy being a mom, wife, and blogger, she enjoys entertaining, reading and knitting. You can also find her on FacebookInstagram, or hit her up on Twitter @MomBreakProj.

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