Motivational Monday: Believe And Have Faith – Advice From my 7-year-old

So if you haven’t heard, there’s this new social media tool that is taking over, and that is Periscope. Periscope allows you to conduct and watch live video broadcasts from anywhere around the world, and connect with people in real time. So while I never cared to get a YouTube channel going, I love that Periscope makes it so easy to share and connect with people.

If you’ve followed me for some time, you know that I’m big on sharing with my kiddos what I do because I want them to understand what exactly it is that I do on the computer. One of my biggest why’s for doing what I do through this platform is because I want to set the example for my kids. I was beginning to feel like a fraud when I was telling my son that he could be and do anything that he wanted to be/do, but yet, I wasn’t doing it for myself. I wasn’t going after my own dreams/goals. So my husband and I are very proactive in not only setting the example, but talking to our kids about what that means and what it looks like.

So a week or so ago, I was telling my son about Periscope and how it’s used (it’s connected to Twitter so if you’re on there, you can follow me @momsncharge). Since he’s learning about geography, he got excited when I told him that people can watch from all over the world. I asked him what mommy should talk to people about when I got on the broadcast that evening, and without any hesitation, he told me to tell people that they could achieve “stuff” by believing and by having faith.

See, even at seven, my son knows that faith is important to achieving anything you want in life. You must believe AND have faith. If you don’t believe yourself, how can you expect anyone else to believe in you? If the faith is not there, then the thoughts and words are pointless. We want to empower our kids to be unapologetic about what they want, and where they want to go in life.

So if you missed that special scope I shared with my son (and two other little surprise guests), here it is:

How do you teach your kids to have faith and empower them to believe in themselves?


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