Motivational Monday: The Need To Encourage Yourself

Encourage Yourself motivational monday

With the passing of Mohammed Ali on Friday my Instagram feed was flooded with the many quotes that he was known for. I didn’t realize he was such a wise man. Reading his quotes is certainly medicine for the soul when we feel like giving up, or it’s too hard, or any other reason we may have for feeling defeated and need encouragement.

The bible says in 1 Samuel 30:6 to encourage yourself in the Lord. The people were talking about stoning David in this scripture, and he felt distressed (anxiety, sorrow, or pain). Have you ever felt any of those emotions? I know I have, and there wasn’t even anyone trying to stone me, lol. Jokes aside, we need to know where to turn when we’re feeling anything other than victorious in Christ,  and the answer is to Him.

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I’ve heard people say that all this “motivational stuff” is kind of “soft” or for soft people, and people just need to get up and get to it. That ‘don’t nobody have time to stroke your ego or coddle you’, and in the words of Nike, just do it! But there are some, myself included, that actually need to be encouraged from time to time, need to be reminded that with Christ ALL things are possible.

There’s a song by Donald Lawrence (attached below) that says sometimes you just have to speak over yourself and encourage yourself. Those times when your family and friends aren’t buying into your vision, or if they’re simply too busy fighting their own demons that they don’t have it in them to be there for you too. Those are the moments when you need to know how to muster up the strength and the resilience to keep going. The word of God should be your first resource to see what He says about you; more than a conqueror, the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath.

But I also thought, because Mohammed Ali has so many good quotes, I’d compile the 10 best ones for you. This way you can encourage yourself and speak over yourself those days when things just aren’t going right. View or download them here.

Stay blessed!

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