Motivational Monday – Your Current Circumstance Does Not Dictate Your Permanent One

If you don’t know Brendon Burchard, you should definitely check out his site, and tune into his Podcast, The Charged Life. He recently launched an e-course on, and many people asked him how he got “there”? I love this quote he shared below.

If I would’ve allowed my vision I had for my life and that of my family’s to be determined by my current circumstances even a couple of years ago, I would not be writing this post now. I would not have had the amazing opportunity to speak at Steve Harvey’s conference this year, been featured on numerous local news segments, have partnered with amazing women to launch Black Biz Scope (featured in Atlanta Black Star, Huffington Post and Madame Noire), wrote my first book, be a guest on Dr. Oz, and so much more.

The point is, we may not always see the whole staircase. But if we keep taking one step at a time, eventually, we’ll get to where we need to be. You can learn and grow as you go. Not having the knowledge on something is never an excuse to limit your vision. As the great book says: write the vision, make it plain. Your current circumstance does not dictate your permanent one.


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