How To Use Your Strengths To Serve Those In Need

How can you use your strengths to serve those in need? Here is a way that I did it and why I did it. I was finding that many entrepreneurs and small business owners in my city were  unaware of how to use blogging to expand their business. My generation did not have computers in school. This is why I put together a teaching series to provide basic information for newbies to social media platforms and blogging.  This event was held at my local public library free of charge.
The topics that I touched on were:
1. Blogs are for more than blogging
2. Free blogging platforms
3. Easy blog set up
4. Why you need a domain name

Transferring Skills

I hosted this event because as I said earlier, I did not learn how to use a computer in school. We didn’t have computer class when I was in school, we had typing class. I was terrible at typing but the one thing that helped me with transferring that skill set to using computers, was learning the home row keys in typing class. I could not type fast but I knew the home row keys by heart. The home row keys on the typewriter are the same on the computer. For some reason I was able to type very fast on the computer, maybe due to the keys being so close together and not having to go up and down to reach the keys.

Becoming a Power User

In 1994 I was working at a non-profit organization and they were syncing all of their computers. They hired a technician to come in and do it. The Director had told me that I would never advance in my career if I did not know how to effectively use the computer. He only had to say that to me once. I taught myself how to use the computer!

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The technician that was coming in took the time to answer my questions and show me how to do new things on the computer. By the time he finished helping me he called me a “power user”.  This man took the time to serve me by teaching me what I had a desire to learn. He said power users are people that are not afraid to ask questions and to search on the computer for answers to their computer problems.
Do you remember buffering? Back in the day that was when you were watching a video on your computer and halfway through it, it would stall and say buffering and give you a percentage of how much has been buffered.
Sometimes you would hit the play button to get it to go faster but after I searched for what buffering was, I found out there was no use to keep hitting the play button, you just had to wait until it finished. Some computers buffered quicker than others depending upon their bandwidth.

Using my Strength to Serve

Because of what I went through,  I enjoy teaching people how to use computers, the internet and social media platforms. Many in my generation are too ashamed to admit that they are intimidated by computers. I enjoy using this strength to serve those that are in need.
I realized this was a strength because people were always complimenting me on my knowledge about computers and how I use it.  What are people always telling you that you are good at? It may be the very thing that will lead towards your purpose.
How do you think you can you use your strengths and talents to serve those around you in need?

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