3 Simple Ways to Teach Kids the Art of Gratitude #GMW

This morning, Olivia and I got to hang out on the set of Good Morning Washington for a bit. We spent some time over the last couple of days working on some crafts, and talking about what it really meant to be thankful and grateful for what we have.

So she got to be my sidekick as we talked about some simple ways to teach kids the art of gratitude.

Although we try to set the precedence throughout the year, there’s something about really driving the point home during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

The full clip and the deets are below.

1.Gratitude Jar (find the free printable here)

I’ve been wanting to do this with the kids for awhile. So I figured  this was the perfect time to do it.


2. Thankful “table cloth” (find similar ideas here)

Let’s face it: kids get impatient waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. And then when it comes, they can get messy. So we turned this brown paper roll into kids’ art where they also write what they are thankful for.

So we turned this brown paper roll into kids’ art where they also write what they are thankful for.


3. Crayon Centerpiece (find similar sample here)

What better way to keep the kids entertained than with crayons and art? This centerpiece is so easy to do, and perfect for the kids’ table at Thanksgiving dinner.



4. Giving baskets for needy children

We love what Forever Free Books does for needy children, and we wanted to give back to them.

This awesome organization was started by Tanya Barnett in order to improve literacy for disadvantaged children through free books and reading events.

I specifically was looking for a local non-profit that caters to children, and that we could deliver our donation to personally.

I wanted the kids to be able to witness what they are doing for others (and again, reiterate how blessed they really are).


Check out our full clip on Good Morning Washington below.

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