3 Tips on Manifesting your DREAM Life & Business as a Mompreneur

Manifesting dream life and business

Nowadays, we all hear the word manifesting being tossed around daily, especially in the entrepreneur world. We hear about using the power of your thoughts and positive thinking, to change our life circumstances. We also hear about using our imaginations to “act as if” we have already achieved our dreams which will then allow us to attract what we desire. However, many new entrepreneurs, specifically mompreneurs, often struggle to learn the Art of Manifestation and how to use our imaginations to attract the dreams and goals we have for our life and business. And I have FINALLY figured out why.

You see, as a woman becomes a mother, she must quickly become the protector of her child. She has to become the one who takes care of another human being, and be responsible for her child’s life. With this newly added responsibility, she forgets how to be that carefree person that could relax and daydream. She forgets how to DREAM BIG, play make-belief, and otherwise live in an imaginary state-of-mind because she now has to be the one to take care of the care-free, make-believe, playful child of hers. And this is what ultimately limits her to use her imagination and the Art of Manifestation to bring her desires, dreams, and visions into her life.

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So what can a Mompreneur do to get back to using her imagination to attract her dreams into her reality? – All while still being a protector and responsible mom to her children?

  1. Write down the specific end goal you have (one at a time) and the exact emotions and feelings you would have if you achieved it. Be very specific. For example, if your end goal is to consistently earn $10k/month as a mompreneur, what would having $10k in your bank account feel like? What would you do with the money each month, knowing that more would be coming in the next month? The point here is to really feel the excitement, the joy, the calm-mindedness that comes with having financial freedom to do what you desire each month. Then feel those emotions INTENSELY now!
  2. Carve out 5-10 minutes at the end of each day to re-read your end goal and its attached feelings and emotions. Tip: Try to do this right before bed, when the kids are asleep and you are relaxed and in the comfort of your room, undisrupted.
  3. Makes daily decisions from the place of where you’d be if your end goal was achieved. Going back to the last example, (consistently earning $10k/month) if you were to have $10k or more in the bank every month, how would you make decisions? Like buying name brand vs no name, buying a premium yoga membership vs borrowing library yoga DVDs. The point here is to make your present decisions from a place of having already achieved your goal/dream. This is not just limited to how you spend money, but includes your mindset/how you think. Does a $10k+/month mompreneur think she is unworthy of success or scared to post a video on her social media page? NOPE. She would feel empowered, confident, and ready to give to others by posting a helpful video to her community of followers.

So mama, as you can see, manifesting is all about how you feel in every single moment, which then creates the thoughts that you think, the energy that you attract, and ultimately what you’re manifesting into your life. If you get back to your “child-like” faith, imagination, and make-belief state-of-mind, you will then be able to access the divine mind of God and how we were intended to think, act and FEEL.

What are some ways you find helpful manifesting your goals and dreams as a busy mompreneur?

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