It’s Time To Enjoy A Quiet Moment

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When my two brothers and I were little kids, my Mother developed a practice she still uses today. Whenever she felt the need to have some space she would go to her bedroom and close the door. Just before closing the door, she’d say: “Ok; I’m having my quiet moment.”

My brothers and I knew and understood exactly what “I’m having my quiet moment” meant. Unless the house was burning down or one of us was bleeding, Mother was not to be disturbed. That sentence also signaled we needed to keep our voices down and go read a book.

My Mother needed peace, quiet, and her space – and she had no problem with making her desires known.

Do You Need To Slow Down?

March is a hectic month, albeit in a good way. I know I’m pushing hard, working on my to-do list and getting more goals lined up for the second quarter of the year.

My list is made, and now it’s time for a quiet moment.

I’m thankful I recognize when it’s time to slow down. I didn’t always recognize or even acknowledge my body’s subtle signals to rest. As a card-carrying member of “Team Too Much,” I didn’t have the sense to periodically slow down and relax – that is, until reoccurring bouts of bronchitis, sinusitis and other “itis-es” forced me to get a clue. Don’t allow that to happen to you!

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Tips For Enjoying A Quiet Moment

A beautiful thing about a quiet moment is it doesn’t necessarily have to last for hours. Quiet moments also don’t have to break the bank – you can have a quiet moment for .Free99!

The important thing is to listen to your body, take some time out for you, and give yourself some grace.

  • Create, and then retreat to your “peaceful place.” That place can be your bedroom, front porch, or deck – any place where you can enjoy uninterrupted time. Don’t have an hour? That’s ok – you’ll be amazed at how refreshed you’ll feel when you pull away from the hustle and bustle for even 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Take some deep breaths, refocus, and re-center. Shut down any clamorous thoughts, especially the “duty oriented” thoughts that try to creep in. The goal is to clear your mind – the same way you would take a broom and sweep away leaves.
  • If you’re outside, enjoy the elements and be present in the moment: The feel of the warm sun against your skin, the delightfully cool air, and the sounds of nature. Remember, you’re having a quiet moment – so luxuriate and enjoy things you normally wouldn’t even notice.
  • If you’re inside, turn off the television or radio. Nullify distractions. Get in tune with you, and release everything else. Revel in the peace and quiet, and bask in the silence.

Remember, You Are Worth It

As wives, mothers, sisters, caretakers and friends we often fall into the trap of spending so much time caring for others, we fizzle and burn out. I heartily encourage you to take that “Team Too Much” card and burn it!  Take time today to enjoy a quiet moment. You deserve it – and you’re more than worth it!

What is your hardest challenge to finding some ME-time, and having a quiet moment?

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