3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life & Business #millennialmom

spring clean life business millennial mom

Around this time of year when it comes to the annual “Spring Clean-up”, as a mama and business owner (#mommyboss), you will also need to incorporate that “cleaning-up” into your life and business. And no, I am not talking about organizing your receipts for your accountant or cleaning out your home office. I am referring to the actual way you are balancing your business and life as a modern millennial mama and business owner and your mindset and well-being in the process.

It is so vital for us not only to take care of our growing businesses but also to take care of the woman behind the business! Especially when you have a family who also needs our attention!

No need to worry though girl. Here are my top tips on how you can get that fresh spring clean feel in your life and business:

  1. Mental well-being: What are you feeding your most important business asset – your mind– on a daily basis? Just like we need food and water to survive, as women entrepreneurs and moms, we also need to be constantly feeding our minds with positive, uplifting and self-mastery knowledge. Take a stock on the current reads you have on your night table and around the house. If you notice too much gossip magazines, fictional romance novels (they are not entirely bad but if that’s all you’re reading then yes!) and your browser history is filled with visits to Kim K’s blog… the you need to do a CLEAN-UP! Get stocked up on some good ol’ personal development and business related books from Amazon.com and get to  reading girl!
  2. Physical Well-being: How are you feel each day? Are you constantly feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and in a state of anxiety over your upcoming business projects? Well girlfriend, those types of inner feelings are doing nothing for your health or the success of your business. Take time this spring to start a daily meditating routine, even if it’s just for 5-10 uninterrupted minutes where you can re-center your mind & body, still your mind and connect to Source Energy.. aka God. It will do a WORLD of difference, trust me.
  3.  Social Well-being: Who are you spending most of your free time with, outside of your business and family? If you are surrounding yourself with negative Nancy’s, downer Debbie’s and the like, you need to clean-up your friendship circle and get clear on where you desire to be in a year or two. If the people who you are constantly around are not pushing you to become the best version of yourself and are not where you desire to be in business and life… then you are wasting your precious time and energy with the wrong people, sorry!. Take inventory of these friendships then slowly distance yourself while finding new, high-vibe women and mommy-bosses who are doing BIG things in their own lives and immerse yourself in their company. You will thank yourself later!

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With taking action on these three “Spring Clean-up” tips for your Life and Business, you will find yourself in a lighter and brighter feeling that’s noticeable to everyone around you and not to mention see improvements in your health, wealth and relationships within your personal and business life!

You are meant to do AMAZING things in the world mama, you just need to make sure each season that you are equipped with the right foundations of wellbeing to experience the level of success & happiness you truly desire.

Cheers to a lovely Spring Cleaning!

What are some ways you prepare for a new season in your life?

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  • Christine @MomsNCharge
    March 20, 2016 at 12:34 AM

    I absolutely love this article Rochelle! I think all three of these are super important and we should definitely work to make sure each area is functioning without all the extra clutter 🙂

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