STOP limiting yourself, Autism mama

stop limiting yourself autism mama

Autism mama, are you limiting yourself, by creating excuses that prevents you from living your most “au-mazing” life? Do you get so caught up with care, therapies, special foods, doctors’ appointments and so much more for your au-mazing child that you forget your own dreams? If you think that you are limiting yourself or your child with Autism, because of what you have continuously heard from others or even with your own limiting beliefs (I call them excuses). Then it’s time to SHIFT out of it and STOP.

Here are 3 of the most common excuses I have heard from my other Autism moms that I have coached and trained within my 20 years of experience.

EXCUSE #1: My child with Autism is my primary responsibility.

REAL DEAL: YOU are your primary responsibility. Parenting a child with Autism does require a lot of your time, focus and patience. However, I created and applied effective tools, strategies and systems for parenting my au-mazing gift, Zachary. These tools placed the importance of creating a harmony of placing self-care as equally important as child-care. Emphasizing the benefits of self-care to improving the quality of my child-care. As well as modelling, through words and actions, the importance of self-love to Zachary.

Excuse #2: I am so tired from taking care of my child with autism I have no energy to go after what I want.

REAL DEAL: I get it, there are definitely countless sleepless nights and tireless days associated with being an Autism mom. However, being tired can be counteracted by you starting with small mini micro-moves. Like enrolling in school and starting with 1 or 2 classes. You will now be IN action by “starting.” Create the time, as you have done countless times when it involves our child. FIT IT IN whenever you can. Shift your thoughts from only seeing the power in HUGE major moves and completion of your personal goals by a specific time. Finally please cut yourself some slack. Release some of the pressure that you have placed on yourself and get ignited for YOU.

EXCUSE#3: I can’t be present for my child with Autism and be present for myself at the same time?

Yes YOU CAN!!! Start shifting your thoughts, words and actions from a place of negative and jump into Positive energy power. There is power in what we say as parents that we can do. IF we think we can’t and say we can’t then guess what, we WON’T. If we say YES we can and start making actions towards trying to do. Then the how we will do it will start to align with our desires. Being present for both yourself and child requires you to release the need for that time to be perfect, and for it to be lengthy. FOCUS on the quality than the quantity.

Guess what? You now get to be the author of your auto-biography.

No matter what, as a parent with a child with Autism, we will encounter days and nights that can be very challenging, where we completely forget about our own needs, dreams and goals. I want you to reflect on what you are doing now. Ask yourself, am I living in accordance to where I want to be? And if not. What am I doing to make it happen? Share your thoughts on this blog below and join our Autism acceptance Facebook group. In this group, this month for Autism Acceptance Month, you will have access to my weekly empowering and informational Facebook Live sessions where we discuss these myths and more.

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