3 Ways To Receive Constructive Criticism


Constructive criticism may not be the easiest thing to take. It’s the kind of advice you need, but not always easy to take from certain people in your life. Your mother wants to give you some advice on raising your children. A co-worker wants to tell you how you can improve your work performance. Just hearing someone tell you that you can do a better job will leave you wondering if you are doing a good job?

When you hear someone tell you that they want to give you some constructive criticism, you automatically get into defence mode. The first thought is that you are doing something wrong and what you are doing is not good enough. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Receiving constructive criticism is actually a good thing! It says that you are doing a good job but you can do better. It’s great when someone sees potential in you. Whether it is your work performance or parenting, any feedback is good feedback. Criticism does not have to be a bad thing.

Here are 3 helpful ways to receive constructive criticism without getting offended:


The first step to receiving criticism is to listen to what advice someone is giving you. We automatically get into defense mode and are not willing to listen to what this person has to say. Listening to some form of advice can actually be beneficial to your life.

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Consider It

We all know that all advice is not good advice. The best thing to do when someone gives advice is to consider it. It does not mean you have to take their word for it. Just be open to the suggested changes. If it benefits you, act on it. If the advice doesn’t work for you, don’t take it. Do what is best for you, but always consider the option.

Take Action

If the constructive criticism is actually constructive, take it and put action to the advice. Sometimes pride gets in the way. The advice is that very thing we need to improve, but because a particular person gave you that advice, you do not act on it. Whether you get the advice from a friend or foe, there will be some truth to what they have to say. Think about that issue you have. Their very advice may be what you need to turn a situation around! Once you take charge and fix the problem, you will be thankful later that you listened.

Hope these tips are helpful to you. Remember that all criticism is not all bad. You may get the best advice from someone you care least about. Or you may have needed to hear that criticism from those closest to you. Be open minded and you will know what to do.

How do you usually respond to constructive criticism?

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