How To Walk On The Wild Side For .99 cents!

the wild side

Ever feel like your life has gotten a little too humdrum and predictable? Ever want to break out of a self-inflicted mold, defy your own conventions and norms, and otherwise shock the heck out of the people who think they know you best?

(People like my Mother – but shhh! I’m not supposed to write about her!)

Having experienced one such humdrum day for what seemed like the 100th day in a row, I decided it was time to break out of my rut.

I had to do something.

Something different.

Something cool.

Something . . . fun.

Decisions, Decisions

Going on vacation was out. In addition to not having a clue about the where, one look at my savings account had me shaking my head and asking, “Why? Why would you want to blow your savings on a vacation and undo all your hard work?”

And then it hit me.

No need to raid my savings – I only needed one item.

Not just any old item, mind you.


And not just any old lipstick – purple lipstick.

And not just any old purple – deep, rich, vibrant, orchid-colored, BOLD, in-your-face purple.


When I first viewed it on a YouTube video in which the host was extolling the virtues of .99 cent lipstick, I was drawn by the seeming contradiction of the fierceness, boldness and sheer audacity of the color.

Think about it: purple . . . . lipstick.

On my brown face.

Fierce . . . . and . . . . audacious.

I had to have it.

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The Great Escape

I made a quick visit to my local drugstore and had no problem finding the brand and the glorious color I sought.

This lipstick represented an escape from my normal make-up looks.

In other words, an escape from the humdrum, snooze-inspiring rut I had fallen into.

This was my chance, Ladies and Gentlemen, to walk on the wild side.

To be wild.

And fabulous.

And fierce.

And all for only .99 cents!

Here’s How To Walk On The Wild Side

Want to know how to walk on the wild side?

Frist, make a decision to step out of the boxes that you have created. Decide to take that rut you’re in, and chuck it. Make up your mind to do something that is wildly and wonderfully different from those things that constitute your normal.

Something that, if your friends and family see you do it – or see you in it – their sensibilities and preconceived notions of who “you” are will be utterly and totally shattered.

Now, you don’t have to go to the expensive extremes of bungee jumping, taking flying lessons, going parachuting, scuba diving or motorcycle riding. (But if you want to, of course you can!)

Or, you can do something as simple as heading to the drugstore and selecting a lipstick in a vivacious, bodacious color – for as little as .99 cents.

Go ahead, do it!

Take a walk on the wild side.

I dare you.

Sound off: What lipstick color constitutes a “walk on the wild side” for you? Tell me about it!


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