Why You Shouldn’t be Complacent – Brexit Explained

Complacency & Brexit

Brexit is short for Britain Exits the EU. This term has been seen across social media platforms as well as the news lately. This is a huge deal because Britain is changing the way the game is played. No one has ever left the EU before so Britain set political and economic precedence on a global scale last Thursday for all Europeans.

For us Americans it may be hard to understand what is going down so I will give you a parallel. It is like the District of Columbia deciding that it no longer wants to be a part of the United States of America and to break off into its own entity and then our president resigns because of it.  That’s how huge this is!

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) is made up of Britain, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Ireland is an island off of the UK and the land mass of the UK is where Britain, Wales and Scotland are located.  Britain is the short version of its full name Great Britain. Scotland was not for Brexit and I am hearing that they are considering leaving the UK so they can join the EU.

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Prime Minister Cameron

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is David Cameron and he was against Brexit.  From what I am hearing from my social media contacts it was a big surprise that the vote was to leave the EU. Many thought that the vote would be to remain. The vote is key because every citizen was allowed to vote on this issue. Its similar to our presidential elections, every citizen gets a vote. Imagine waking up on November 9th (the day after our presidential election) and finding out that Donald Trump won the presidential election. We would be shocked! That is how our friends in the UK feel. As a matter of fact they are warning us to make sure we vote during our presidential election because they are saying complacency has no place in this current political global environment.

Complacency in general is never a good way to change the status quo. Hoping that somebody else will make the change that you want is leaving a little too much up to chance. Whether it’s change in your personal life, home, business or country, make sure you care enough to be engaged and act on what it is you want to see realized.

For more on Brexit, here’s a short and sweet video: The Brexit Debate explained in two minutes.

How do you feel about Brexit? What’s your take on complacency, are there times when it’s ok?

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