Why You Should Honour Your Calling

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There is no better gift you can receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born & how you become most truly ALIVE” – Oprah Winfrey

Ambitious millennials (moms and otherwise), tend to always feel the need to pursue a job/career that we think we should be in. We apply to many roles, with hopes of landing this “dream job” to then later be somewhat disappointed when that dream job doesn’t deliver the “dream life” we had in mind.

This all goes back to this quote from Oprah, that urges us to pursue our “callings” instead.

A calling by definition is: a strong urge toward a particular way of life or career; a vocation. It is when we feel strong within ourselves to take a specific path that is aligned with our values, goals, desires and vision for our life. To me, that’s some POWERFUL stuff.

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We can continuously try to find a job that feels good to us and aligns with our goals in life, but why risk being disappointed in the end when we can create the desired outcome instead by pursuing our own career by answering the “Calling” on our life?

As young, millennial women & moms, I feel it is even more important to do so. We desire to create a life that can be flexible to our needs of being a mom AND one we can truly feel valued in and allows us to do it from anywhere we desire. A coffee shop down the street from our child’s school, the parking lot at our kids soccer game, or in the comfort of our bed while our baby sleeps nearby. When we decide to create our own job by following our life’s calling, we put ourselves in the driver’s seat and can steer our lives and career in any direction we choose and see fit.

How amazing would it be to create a role perfectly fitting your needs and that makes you truly light up with passion and joy when you are doing it. That is the gift God wants to bless you and I with. The only thing we need to do to receive this gracious gift is to honor yourself and pursue that amazing calling.

No job will ever give you what you can create and give to yourself, so why try?

Be in the driver’s seat mama and follow that beautiful path your calling will take you on!

Do you feel that you’ve discovered your calling? And if so, do think you’re honouring it?

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