5 Killer Strategies for Pursuing Your Passion, Purpose and Goals

One thing I’ve realized over the last few years in life and in business is that in order to reach your goals, you need to have a strategy. But if you’re not even sure where you’re going, you can’t figure out how you’re going to get there. Recently, I surveyed my community to find out what their biggest challenge was? And from that survey, 5 Killer Strategies for Pursuing Your Passion, Purpose and Goals was formed. This will be a virtual workshop starting August 28th for moms who are:

  • Ready to start a new business
  • Ready to take action NOW after allowing the demands of motherhood to hold her back
  • Ready to get unstuck and unstoppable
  • Looking for accountability and community
  • Ready to discover and pursue her lifelong passion & purpose
  • Ready…to FLY (First Love Yourself)

While I get several Facebook messages, tweets and e-mails from moms wanting to know how to pursue their passion and purpose or how to stick to and achieve their goals, I know deep down that not everyone is ready to get started. If you’re like me three years ago, there is one thing that will keep you stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. If you’re reading this right now and you’re feeling stuck, there is one thing you will have to face and work through consistently in order to reach your greatest potential.

What’s the one thing you need to face in order to take that next step in pursuing your goals and discovering your purpose? It’s FEAR: you can choose for it to mean “false evidence appearing real” OR “face everything and rise”. I make a choice to rise, not run. And I want to teach you how to do the same. So don’t ever be afraid to take the steps you need to start making your dreams come true!

Click here if you’re ready to face everything and rise.

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