Are you willing to pay to get on the stage of success?

price of success stage

Last week I talked about the Olympics and what I took away from the 100m butterfly swimming finals. Well today, the Olympic closing ceremony took place where we were introduced to Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Prepared and Invested

What I found interesting is how much Tokyo has already prepared and invested in an event that is still 4 years away! It became clear that being on a world stage, you have to bring your A-game.

Prior to the games starting in Brasil, there was a fair amount of scrutiny and security concerns, but according to Canadian reporters, Rio was the perfect host. Even with a bit of drama, what I saw as an attempt to throw shade, Rio handled things well. They were prepared.

Your Stage

What stage do you want to stand on? We’ve all got a past with some things we aren’t too proud of but are you going to let the opinion of others stop you? Your desired stage may not be for the world to see. Perhaps you just want your town or city to see what you have to offer.

Regardless of the stage, we can’t get on it without being prepared. Unless we want to give people even more stuff to talk about. And remember the bigger the stage, the more prepared you ought to be. The introduction Tokyo 2020 put on tonight definitely took some time to put together, so they’ve been planning and plotting from time. Winning the bid in 2013 started a 7-year journey to implement what includes a new railway line, a new stadium, and over $3 Billion invested.

It Will Cost You

What are you willing to invest to get to your stage? It may not be money, but it will cost you something. Just remembered, Christine’s previously quoted Ronnie Tyler, BMWK co-founder, saying you can’t build an empire on free stuff. So I take that back, it will cost you money too, lol.

So the next time you catch yourself wanting the success of somebody else, ask yourself, would I be willing to pay the price the did? If you are, know that you’re worth every bit of it.

Stay blessed!

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