#MondayMotivation: It Will Get Hard, But Don’t Quit

Happy New Year peeps! We are two days into 2017. I don’t know about you, but I am full of hope, excitement, and expectancy for what this year will bring.

Yesterday, my sister and I launched our exclusive Facebook mentoring group for all of the amazing women who have purchased our #GetItDonePlanner. And let me tell you: that group is on fi-yah!

And as we did a live broadcast in the group yesterday, one of the things we shared is that when you’re walking in your purpose, it’s not going to be easy. In fact, once the newness of the new year and the excitement of it dies down, it will get hard.

But don’t quit. You can’t quit.

You have to commit to yourself and your dreams enough to understand that the challenges will come. The obstacles will come. The naysayers will try to break you down. The doors will close in your face.

But you have to choose to find new doors to open. Find new circles that will lift you up and encourage you. And find new ways to tackle the obstacles that try to stand in your way.

The choice is yours.

Will you quit when the going gets tough? Or will you push through and decide not to quit? I’m hoping you don’t quit.

Remember: your purpose is never about you. It’s about those who were put into your life to learn from and be uplifted/encouraged/transformed by you.

I shared this short video on Periscope last night to encourage you to do just that.

You can take a look at it here.

And if you are still searching for the right tool and the right community to hold you accountable to accomplishing your dreams, we hope you’ll join us.

Check out our 2017 Transformational Planner here.

What are you going to commit to in 2017?

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