This is Your Year to Get it Done

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Happy New Year!!! I know this might be a little late, but it’s heartfelt all the same. Wow, 2016…done just like that. And if we’re not intentional, the same will happen to this year.

A New Year

I don’t know about you but I get revved up every New Years, there’s something about it that gets me excited for what’s to come. It’s a clean slate, a new page, heck a new book even. The possibilities are endless, and I’m always grateful to God for seeing me through another year. We often remember the bad things that marked a year, the opportunities missed and the risks we didn’t take. However what I did last Sunday was write down my wins from the year. This was necessary because 2016 had its challenges, but I wanted to enter 2017 with a positive mindset. And it worked. The proof was in the pudding, God is faithful. His faithfulness doesn’t mean we can put our feet up and hope for the best though. It’s more like grind, hustle, pitch and pray, and then hope for the best, lol.

Inspiration & Motivation

Although I’ve never had a problem being motivated at the beginning of the year, the same can’t be said come October, November. Especially when it starts getting cold outside and I’m not really trying to do much of anything. That’s when having a well thought out plan for the year comes in handy so that you’re not solely dependent on how you feel to make things happen. As women, I’m sure we can attest to feelings being all over the place depending on the time of the month, lol. I think I heard Gary Vee quote that

“Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

I’m not sure I completely agree, but I do see his point.

Get It Done

Showing up and getting work done is that much easier if you know what it is you need to do. Hence why planning out your year as much as you can is helpful. The perfect tool for that is a planner. Right now, while you’re still hyped and excited, try to plan it out and write it out. It takes the guessing out of it come October when we can’t believe 3/4 of the year has already past.

2017 should be all about getting it done. In fact #GetItDone2017 is the hashtag for Christine and her sister’s Transformational Planner, equipped and designed to help you follow through this year. Christine and her sister actually shared their tips on Good Morning Washington yesterday on this very topic, including how to create a vision for yourself and then crushing it (check out the video below)! 2017 – Let’s get it!

Be Blessed!

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