Don’t Want to Start Over? You Should Do This

This Monday Motivation comes to you a bit late because…well, life. And the way my life is kind of set up, if I don’t do something during the time it’s typically allocated, the chances of it happening start to diminish.

Slightly off topic, but I was watching someone on YouTube the other day who said if they don’t get their workout in by 7 am, the chances of it happening goes down by 50% for every 10 minutes that pass. This same individual wakes up after 7, lol. I just found that funny.


Anyways, back to my point. Life happens to everyone, no one is exempt, and it’s up to each one of us to decide whether we put in the effort, or even bother at all despite the curveballs. A quote I heard this morning was “you never have to start over if you never quit.” Another version of goes “If you’re tired of starting over, then stop giving up.”

don't start over


Trust when I say I KNOW consistency is challenging. But it’s the only way to grow your tribe. Loving on your tribe means you’re talking to them. If you’re not talking to them, how will they feel loved? I know the silence treatment in a marriage definitely doesn’t mean love, lol.

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So consistency coupled with patience is what will ultimately take you places. It doesn’t hurt being good at what you do either. But guess what? The more you do something, the better you get. Be it blogging, doing hair, or mastering grandmas’ secret recipe; consistent effort will take you there.

I know I kind of harp on this topic every now and then, but it’s only because I myself need to hear it. Hopefully it will help someone out there too, so you can stop giving up.

Be blessed!

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