Monday Motivation: Going Through and Getting Over Your Guilt

going through tough time, Getting over guilt

I had a pretty rough week this past week and I’m usually not the type to express what I’m going through when I’m going through, but it got to a point where I simply couldn’t hold back the tears anymore, and I just had to cry out to God that this had to pass ASAP, lol. Ever been there?

I honestly don’t know how people without faith do it, I can’t even imagine not having the comfort of the Father to lean on, turn to, depend on, and remind Him of His promises to us through His word. And once again, like He always does, the Lord came through and answered my prayers. And what makes Him so awesome is that He even takes care of those small details.

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In life and in business, and as moms, the weight and load of our responsibilities can get to us. Especially if things don’t run nice and smooth as we all want it to go. I’ve found that I’ve had guilt beyond the mom-guilt of taking the time to pursue the dream of being an entrepreneur, but guilt because I’m not “pulling my weight” as a successful entrepreneur would. Cause one would think, if one area is lagging or lacking, the other better be on fleek or the

So when life happens, and one ball drops, then another, and another, it’s easy to just wanna sit down in a corner put on some appropriately sad R&B and just cry while staring at all those balls you just dropped. But it’s summer!! And the blues and sunshine just to mix well, lol. So turn to Jesus, and one-by-one, He helps you pick up one ball, and another, and before you know it, you’re back to your happy-go-lucky juggling self.

I want you to dedicate this season to just trust that God loves and cares for you enough to not let you go through anything alone. Whatever it is, give it to Him and let Him do what only He can – turn it around for your good.

Stay Blessed!

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