4 Amazing Truths About Black History in Today’s World

While I appreciate the celebration of Black History month every year, now that I have kids of my own, I’m more aware of making sure that we’re teaching them their history all year long. But I remember how sad and out-of-place I used to feel when I was a kid in school and this month came around because there was always so much focus on slavery and all of the negativity that came with being a black person in America. Rarely did they talk about all of the great accomplishments of our ancestors. The very few people that were talked about regularly were Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks. Granted, my kids are still a little young, but they are learning through books, videos and ideas I find on Pinterest, about the amazing things that black people have done in this world, and continue to do today. We want them to understand where they came from, but have an unsurrmountable sense of pride for who they are and where they’re going.

So when Black and Married with Kids started sharing this weekly video series this month, it was an eye opener for me to see that I need to start doing more research and start asking more questions. It’s so easy to accept the bad info as truth, but then question the really great and inspiring info that is out there. A big thank you to Ronnie & Lamar Tyler for putting this short series together with this imperative information that everyone needs to know.

These are short but packed full of info so be sure to watch each one and share with everyone you know!

Episode 1: Truths You Won’t Believe – Are There More Black Men in Jail or in College?

Episode 2: Truths You Won’t Believe – Black Women Defying Stereotypes

Episode 3: Truths You Won’t Believe – The Real Black Male Dropout Rate

Episode 4: Truths You Won’t Believe – Black Women Top This List

The question is, if these are the real truths, how come no one is talking about them?

4 Amazing truths about black history

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